6 Small Things That Clutter Your House Easily

19th June 2017
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Are you tired of living in a cluttered home?


Clutter in most home comprises of things that look untidy laying about everywhere without a place to call home.

If you want to banish clutter one of the main things you have to do is allocate all your possessions a place to stay.

“A place for everything and everything in its place”  will only work best if you know how to first organise those small things that can easily clutter your home.

Here are 6  small things that clutter your home easily.

1. Keys

It’s easy to lose your keys when you don’t have any place to store them.

The question “where is my keys” is very common in many homes, where there is no designated place for putting keys.

It’s easy to come in through your main door and place your keys anywhere in your house only an hour later you will be running around your home causing chaos looking for your keys.

Invest in a bowl or a key organiser holder to keep your keys organised. This will make life easier and you will also save time.

2. Shoes

In every household there should be a system of organizing shoes and “no shoes in the house rule” should always be applied.

“No shoes in the house rule” will make it easy for you to make a place to keep your shoes.

Let’s face it looking for your shoes when you are late going somewhere can be frustrating and it puts you in a bad mood.

If you have a shoe organizing system in place it easy to find shoes which you want to wear effortless without spending time looking for then.

Shoes will clutter up your home in many places if you don’t have a place for them.

There are many ways you can organise your shoes read more: 5 Clever Ways To Organise Your Shoes

3. Mobile Phone

Imagine a home with 5 people and each one of them has a mobile phone.

At a given time all the mobile phone are scattered at the around the dining table, this will make the room and table look cluttered up.

phone charging station

By just placing a phone charging storage station in your home at a place that is convenient for all it will make your room look much better.

Everyone will know where their phone is at a given time.

Old and unused mobile phones can also clutter your home,  finding ways to deal with your old phones before they start to clutter your home.

4 Ways You Can Get Rid Of Your Old Mobile Phones

. Donate to charity

. Sell on eBay

. Give your friends and family

. Recycle your old mobile phone for cash

4. Books

Are you a book lover?’

Books are a great source of information, advice, inspirations on everything.

Books have changed many people’s lives.

But is there such a thing as having too many books?

Having too many books can take a lot of storage in your home leaving your home cluttered with a lot of books with no place to go.

It’s important to de-cluttered your books as you bring one book in your house take one out of your house.

Only keep books you truly love.

Many people will read a book and decide that they will read it again letter.  The truth is that they will never read the book again.

Very few people read a book (e.g. novel) more than twice.

Another great way of having less books in your home is using the library instead of buying a book.

When you are finished with those library book set an alarm so that you can return them on time.

Those days you can buy or get free audio books and free eBooks easily this will help you to limit the number of physical books you will have.


Toys are great for children they provide get entertainment.

Toys at times replace the much need nanny that every parent wishes for.

However according to Children Accident Prevention Trust every year they are many children and parents who are rushed to A & E because of a trip on a small toy on the staircase.

Do you think accidents like these can be prevented to some extent by making sure that toys are organised and teaching children to organise their toys after using them?

Personally I think these accidents could be prevented to some extent if we making that conscious decision of .

Over to you…

How do you keep your home clutter free?

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