6 Simple Habits To Keep Your Bedroom Clean And Tidy

15th May 2018
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How clean is your bedroom?

A bedroom is a place to wind down and relax but if you have a dirty cluttered bedroom you may find it difficult to relax and sleep in your bedroom.

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Developing certain claening habits will help you to keep your bedroom free from clutter.

Here are 6 Simple Habits To Keep Your Bedroom Clean And Tidy

1.  Make Your Bed Every Morning

As soon you wake up make it a priority to make your bed.

Your bed takes up a lot of room in your bedroom so it important to make it each day, doing this will instantly make your bedroom look clean.

2. Use Storage Baskets

Catch things before they land on your bedroom floor by having storage baskets.

Things like dirty clothes can easily pile up on your bedroom floor, make sure each night when you take off your clothes you have a laundry basket to throw the clothes.

Organise your chest of drawers using storage boxes so that everything looks neat in your drawers.

3. Vacuum And Dust Regularly

Vacuuming your bedroom regularly is a must invest in a cordless vacuum to make the job easier.

Have a schedule of vacuuming your bedroom at least once or twice a week this will improve on the cleanliness of your bedroom.

4.  Declutter

Remove unnecessary things in your bedroom only leave things you love and use.

Make space in your wardrobe by donating or selling clothes that don’t fit you any more or clothes that don’t fit your style anymore.

As you grow older your clothing style changes clothes that you were comfortable to wear in your late teens might not be so comfortable in your early thirties.

So take some time and evaluate what you have in your wardrobe every six months.

5. Have A Place For Everything

Everything in your bedroom should have a home, homeless items can easily clutter your bedroom.

Small item such earrings, watches and belts should be stored away.

6. Stop Procrastinating

It easy to procrastinate cleaning your bedroom but what I have discovered is that once you procrastinate on a task it will take forever when you finally decide to do the task because you have let things pile up for a long time.

Small tasks that can be done in less than two minutes are best done now not later or tomorrow .

Don’t forget to open your curtains and windows to let fresh air circulate in your bedroom even on cold days.

Fresh air will make your bedroom smell fresh and welcoming.

Just practising one or two habits listed in this article will help you to keep your bedroom clean and tidy.

Over to you…

How often do you change you bedding?

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