6 Reasons Why People Rush Into Marriage

19th December 2016
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These days people get married for the wrong reasons.

You hear stories of people getting married today and tomorrow they are filing for divorce.

Why are so many marriages failing to honour “till death do up apart”?


Take for example the marriage of Britney Spears and Jason Alexander, it only lasted only 55 hours?

Honestly in this case what was the reason of getting married in the first place, one can only wonder.

Here are some of the reasons why people rush into marriage.

1. They Want A Baby

Some people choose to get married simply because they want a baby.

When in a relationship don’t rush into marrying because you want a baby, this could be a terrible thing for your relationship.

Some people rush into marriage when they know that their relationship with their partner is hanging on a thread.

They think that getting married and having a baby will mend their relationship.

Don’t fool yourself thinking that marriage and a baby will mend your broken relationship.

A broken relationship needs to be mended well before marriage or having a baby.

2. They Suffer From Peer Pressure

Unfortunately, peer pressure is a common place in our society today and it forces people to get married simply because their peers appear to be “happily married”.

Not everyone in marriage is happily married.

Sometimes what you see is not the whole picture so don’t be pressured in to getting married simply because all your friends or workmates are married.

3. They Marry For Money

Money! Money!

Who doesn’t love money, on the other hand too much love of money is not a good thing.

Marrying someone just because they have money when you don’t love them is a bad thing.

I believe in life money will not bring you happiness.

There are a lot of rich people who are married but are not happy.

Don’t marry someone for their money, marry them because you truly love them even without the money.

4. They Marry Because They Are Pregnant

Unexpected pregnancies force many people to marry because they are afraid to disappoint their parents.

They are also afraid of how their friends or how the society they live in will judge them.

Live your life as you want.

Don’t be afraid to be judged.

Don’t rush into married to please other people when you are not happy.

5. They Marry To Express How Sorry For Their Mistakes In the Relationship

Cheating, stealing, fighting and other forms of abuse are common in relationships.

To cover up or to express how sorry someone is they will rush to ask the other person to marry them.

They say “once a cheat always a cheat”.

Of course, people change for good.

The question is, are you willing to take that risk and marry someone who you don’t trust?

6. They Marry For Immigration Purposes

If you watched the movie A Husband For Christmas you will know why marrying someone for immigration purpose is a bad idea.

If you have been in a relationship with someone who suddenly is going to be deported to his or her country because of visa problems, don’t rush into marrying them.

If destiny for the two of you is to get married you will eventually get married but not just under the pressure of deportation and visa problems.

Marry someone because you love them and you want to spend the rest of your life with them.

Over to you…

What other reasons can you think of that make people rush into marriage?

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