6 Items You Need In Your Cleaning Caddy

29th May 2018
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House cleaning doesn’t have to be a difficult thing to do as long as you follow certain routines and habits.

When cleaning your house it easy to stay on top of your chores and having a cleaning caddy will help you to achieve this.


cleaning tips

A cleaning caddy can be a storage box or a basket that you can use to keep all your cleaning essentials.

Just like a gardener who needs tools for the garden, if you clean your house regularly you will also need some cleaning tools to do a better job.

Why You Need A Cleaning Caddy

  • It will help you to save time as you don’t have to go around your home looking for cleaning items

  • It will keep your cleaning items organised

  • It will help you to save money as you don’t have to buy multiples of different cleaning products.

spray bottle

1. All Purpose Cleaner

Having an all-purpose cleaner will make it easy to clean all kind of dirty be it in the toilet or in the bathroom.

I like to make my own cleaners and I have shared with you this DIY all-purpose cleaner which is simple to make and is very effective when it comes to cleaning all around the house.

microfiber cloths

2. Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber cloths are light and are easy to clean, they are great for wiping away any dirty surfaces.

They are also great for removing dust when washed they are quick to dry off.

cleaning gloves

3. Gloves

If you have sensitive skin you will definitely need a good pair of gloves to protect your skin.

Gloves are also great as you can avoid touching any germs and bacteria which might be lingering about in different places which you will be cleaning.

cleaning brush

4. Cleaning Brush

Every cleaning caddy should have some kind of brush and I prefer having a small brush to clean hard to reach places.

A toothbrush is another inexpensive alternative it will also work to clean those tricky corners that a standard cleaning brush can’t get to.

window cleaner

5. Window, Mirror Cleaner 

Cleaning mirrors and windows around your home is very easy with the right tools.

Use this easy DIY window and mirror cleaner which works well for me better than the commercial window mirror cleaners which are sold in the shops.

It doesn’t leave any smudges on the mirrors.



Wipes are great for using on surfaces that you need to disinfect quickly such as the toilet seats or kitchen surfaces soon after handling raw meat.

Without a properly kitted cleaning caddy cleaning your home can be a difficult thing to do.

It’s easy to procrastinate on cleaning tasks if your cleaning products and tools are disorganised.

Start by creating your cleaning caddy then cleaning you home will be as easy as abc.

Over to you…

What is in your cleaning caddy?

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