6 Great Tips To Reduce Your Ironing To Almost Zero

10th November 2016
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Ironing is one of the most dreaded housework in most households across the county. Do you love or hate ironing as a chore?

How to reduce ironing

If you hate ironing you are not alone especially if you have young kids in the family who may need to change clothes often and this means more clothes to iron.

I must confess ironing as a chore is not for me. I see ironing as a boring task that takes up a lot of my time.

Time that I could spend and enjoy somewhere else is lost whilst ironing.

Here are 6 Great Tips To Reduce Ironing

1. Shake Your Clothes Soon After Washing

If you don’t have a dryer it’s very important to remove your clothes from the washing machine as soon as the washing machine is done.

As you hang your clothes shake each item of clothing first to straighten out any creases.

Less creases on clothing means you have fewer clothes to iron.

Without a dryer this indoor electric clothes airer dryer and these over the door clothes hangers might help you to dry your clothes faster.

If you have a dryer you should put your clothes in the dyer as soon as you have finish washing them.

2. Hang Clothes Soon After Washing

Make sure you hang your clothes as soon as possible. Avoid leaving your clothes in the washing machine for longer than 30 minutes after the cycle is done.

By just doing this alone you will reduce the amount of clothes you will have to iron by almost a third.

Set an alarm on your phone to remind you when your washing cycle is done so that you don’t forget.

3. Fold Quickly After Drying

When your clothes are dry make sure you fold it as soon as possible. If you have a dryer fold your clothes as soon as the drying process has finished.

Put them where they belong either in a chest of drawer or wardrobe straight away.

Read: 5 Clever Ways To Organise Your Chest of Drawer.

Avoid putting clothes in a basket to fold later because by doing so your more creases will be created and this means more ironing to do.

If you don’t have a have a dryer fold your clothes as they dry. This helps to reduce ironing.

If you live in a hot country its best to dry your clothes outside the sun will refresh your clothes and the fresh air will even out creases on you clothes.

However if you live in a cold country like me drying your clothes without a dryer can be a bit of a challenge.

Here 3 tips that have helped me over the years without a dryer

1. Don’t put your clothing direct to radiators to dry. Radiators will stiffen your clothing making them wear out very fast.

2. Invest in an indoor clothes hanger airer.

3. Put your clothes outside even its cold the clothing will not dry but the fresh air out side will kick start the drying process

4. Buy Non Iron Clothes

When buying your clothes choose to by  non iron or wrinkle free clothing. Most clothes retailers sell clothes that are iron free choose to buy these clothing and make your like easier.

This will dramatically reduce your ironing to almost zero.

5. Iron Only When Necessary

Ironing takes up a lot of time and it takes up a lot of electricity. Think of what you could do with the money that you could save by not ironing every piece of your clothing.

Try not to iron every item of clothing that you own, look and see if it really needs ironing.

6. Choose To Have Less Clothes

The more clothes you have the more ironing you have. Choose to have a less clothing by creating a capsule wardrobe which has items of clothing that are versatile and easy to maintain.

Over to you…

What other ways can you reduce the amount time your spent on ironing clothes share in the comments below.

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