5 Ways To Organise Your Dirty Clothes

21st June 2018
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Everyone likes wearing clean clothes and nobody likes to wear dirty clothes.

Dirty clothes can easily clutter your house if you don’t know how to organise your laundry.

laundry organising

Here are 5 Ways To Organise Your Dirty Clothes

1. Laundry Baskets

It easy to manage dirty clothes when you have a place to put them.

Laundry baskets are great for containing your dirty clothes making your home look organised.

There is a variety of laundry basket available to choose from.

If you want to save time you can buy a laundry basket that has 3 compartments (darks, colours and whites) which makes it easier to sort your dirty clothes before washing them.

These laundry baskets are good for a household of three or more people.

2. Wall Hooks

Things like jeans, jumpers, cardigans and jackets don’t need to be washed every time you were them.

Most of the time I tend to wear these 2 or more times before washing them because they will be looking clean after one wear.

Whilst they are waiting for their second wear I tend to hang them on hook behind my bedroom door.

To avoid massive pile-build up of clothes behind my bedroom door I usually check behind the door every day to see if there is anything I can wear today before looking in my wardrobe.

Doing this will help me to preserve my clothes and it will also mean that I have less laundry to make, saving me money on water bills, electric bills, detergent expenses and to say the least the earth will be thanking me also for clothes wear recycling.

3. Pre-sock Stained Items

Leaving stained clothes in the laundry basket will make it difficult to remove the stains on the clothes.

It best to treat clothes stains immediately than to leave them to dry out.

Pre-soak stained clothes in a stain remover and then wash your clothes, this will make your clothes last a long time.

4. Fill Your Washing Machine

Ruther than filling the washing machine to the full with clothes try to fill your washing machine to three-quarters full.

This will give your clothes space to move around in the washing machine and they will come out clean.

Filling your washing machine to the full with clothes will make it difficult for your clothes to be washed properly.

Doing this might make your clothes come out unclean and they might need to be washed again.

5. Stick To A Laundry Routine

Set up a laundry routine and stick to it.

Wheather you decide to do laundry every other day or on set days like Monday, Wednesday and Friday it is important to find a routine that works for you and your family.

Don’t let laundry baskets full of dirty laundry pile up around your home.

Over to you…

Do you have a laundry routine?

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