5 Tips For A Successful Surprise Birthday Party

24th April 2018
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Have you ever organised a surprise party for someone?

Pulling a successful surprise birthday party can be hard to achieve but with a bit of organising, good time management and the ability to keep a secret you can do it.


surprise party

Here are 5 Tips For A Successful Surprise Birthday Party

1. Planning

A successful surprise party will need a lot of planning without a plan you risk being caught.

Before making a plan make sure that the person you are planning the party for will appreciate a surprise party, some people don’t like surprise parties.

You should have enough time to plan for the party and money to buy things for the party.

Choose a date that you know that the birthday girl or boy will be available.

To pull a surprise party you will need helpers that will help to organise the party for things to fall into place on the big day.

2. Venue

Choose a venue for the party wisely.

Your chosen venue should be able to accommodate all the invited party guest without any problem.

It’s best to have a surprise party away from the birthday party boy or girls’ home, you can have it somewhere else where you are unlikely to be caught.

The venue should have hidden place to park cars for your guest or you can ask your guests to park their cars at a location far away from the venue then they will have to walk to the venue.

Decide on the party decorations and how you are going to decorate the venue.

3. Guests 

Decide on the number of guests you want to invite.

When sending out party invitations for the surprise party make sure to instruct the guests not to tell the “surprisee” and you sent the invitations well ahead of time.

Let them get know the theme of the party if you have decided on having a theme for the party.

4. Food and Drinks

To have, a great party there should be good food decide on the party food.

Preparing your own party food might be less expensive than having someone prepare the food for you.

If you decide to prepare your own food make sure the surprisee is not around when you buy and prepare the food for the party.

Don’t forget to buy some party food bags you might need them to give out leftover food to your guest to take it home to avoid food wastage.

5. Gifts

Your guest would want to come with gifts to the party so make sure to communicate with them the sorts that your surprisee would want to receive.

Finding the right gift for someone can be a hard thing.

But the best way is to look at their interests or hobbies of the person and get them a gift they are more likely to tressure and remember for the rest of their lives.

Over to you…

What is the best birthday gift you have ever received?

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