5 Things To Avoid Buying At Car Boot Sales

28th August 2018
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I love going to Car Boot Sales especially during spring and summer months.

Over the years I have bought new items, nearly new items and at times I have even bought second-hand items.

Car boot sales are popular for finding great bargains on different things.

Nevertheless, there a few things that I would never buy at car boot sales all for different reasons.

Here are 5 things to avoid buying at car boot sales

1. Used Shoes

The shape and size of everyone’s feet are unique to each person.

It’s also fascinating that even the height and shape of our feet fingers is also different from person to person just like our fingerprints.

Take for example size 7 is my shoe size my sister also wears a size 7 but her feet are on the wide side.

I have slim feet so when I wear shoes that she has worn a few times, it’s more like I will be wearing a size 8 when in fact the shoes are size 7.

Shoes mould the shape of the feet of the wearer so it’s difficult to find used shoes at car boot sale or somewhere else that will fit you perfectly.

Buying shoes also comes with other risks such as not knowing whether the person who used to own those shoes had health problems such as nail fungi or athlete foot.

Nail fungi or athlete foot can be easily be passed on to another person by wearing shoes of the infected person.

2. Used Underwear

Don’t let the price of buying used underwear overshadow you when it comes to your health.

It’s easy to buy expensive used underwear for cheap at car boot sales but be careful as it might be a carrier of fungi, bacterial and even viral infection.

Some of the bacteria or viral infection might be difficult to get rid of it even if you wash the underwear in hot water.

3. Electrical Products

With electrical products, it’s best not to take any chances by buying used items.

Most sellers at car boot sales don’t have a way of showing their buyers that their electrical product work.

Buying electrical products at car boot sales without testing if they work is a big risk.

You might buy something that does not work.

You might be lucky and buy something that actually work but has a short life span.

Or you might buy something that works but has some electrical faults which might be dangerous to you.

It’s  better to save up money and buy your electrical goods straight from a retailer where you can get a guarantee should anything go wrong.

4. Expired Food

Yes, we all like to save money on groceries but buying expired food which is past its used by date can do more harm than good to your health.

Should you decide to buy expired food at car boot sales make sure you know and understand the dates on the labels on the food.

5. Gift Cards

Gift cards are great for giving others on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas.

Buying gift cards at car boot sales is not something I would recommend to anyone because you will be buying blindly as you can’t tell the real value of the money in the gift card.

All you have is the buyer’s word but can you trust it.

Trust your gut instincts if it looks a bit dodgy then it probably dodgy avoid buying it and wasting your money.

Over to you…

What’s the best thing you have bought at a car boot sale?

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