5 Simple Ways To Make New Friends

26th June 2018
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Finding new friends and keeping them is not easy these days, especially with the coming of social media.

Real friends are coming to an extinction as online friends numbers are constantly raising especially to the younger generations.

It’s important to have real friends people you can laugh with, share memories and connect with.


Here are 5 Simple Ways To Make New Friends. 

1. Go To Local Events In Your Local Area

Wheather you go to your local church or for a fun day in your local area you are sure to meet new people there.

Show some trust, love, and respect towards everyone you meet and you will connect with many people.

Don’t make any judgements toward people you see based only on their appearance and action without truly knowing them.

2. Volunteer

When you become a volunteer you will have an opportunity to meet different people from different backgrounds.

Whilst you are offering your services helping others you can also make new friends.

Talk to people hear their stories and make friends with those that you liked most.

3. Go Out With Work Colleges

Going out with your work colleges is a great way of exploring the other side of their character outside work.

The next time you are invited for a night out or a Christmas party, accept the invitation, go and make friends.

4. Go To Parties

Parties offer another good way of meeting and making new friends.

Go to parties with an open mind and open up, it might be a bit difficult to find a long-lasting friend at a party but it can happen.

5. Be Yourself

When you are trying to make new friends don’t try to be someone just be yourself.

By doing this you will gain trust from your potential friends and you are likely to build long-lasting friendships.

Over to you..

How many friends do you have?

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