5 Simple Money Question You Must Ask Your Fiancée Before Marriage

22nd June 2016
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Do you know your fiancée very well?


When you are choosing someone to get married to you have to know that person very well financially.

Rushing to marry someone you don’t know might fire back to you.

Do a research on your fiancée financial background.

Knowing this information will help you make the right decision whether to marry the person or not.

Marrying someone without knowing his or her financial background is a big mistake.

When you are marrying someone you are signing up to many things including your finances unless you have a prenuptial agreement.

Most people enter into a marriage without asking important questions to their spouse about money background and yet money is one of the biggest causes of divorce in marriage.

Money can ruin your marriage so why not ask these questions before marriage and see if the person you are about to marry will give you a bright future or a dull future.

 5 Simple Money Questions You Must Ask Your Fiancée Before Marriage.

1. Do You Have Any Debt?

If you have a spouse that has a lot of debt this can deprive you things you aspire to have in life because their income will be paying their debt.

Each month they will get their salary and use almost all of it to repay debt they accumulated before you got married.

They might still be paying for a loan they took to buy a porch car for their ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. They will be left with less money if not none to help you with the expenses.

Of course, there is debt that you can do nothing about except to accept it, for example, student tuition debt.

2. Do You Have A Job And Where Do You Work?

As you start a family there are many expenses that will need to be paid for.

If you are the only breadwinner you will need to work out how will you cope with those expenses.

You need to know whether your fiancée has a job, for how long and where do they work.

These question will only take you to the next one how much they earn.

The money they earn will give you a picture to see if you can cope with expenses when you have a place of you own living together.

You don’t want to be shocked when married only to discover that the so-called “ job” that they have is a two-hour job once a week on a living wage.

4. Do They Have Any Credit Cards?

A credit card can be a good thing if used in the right way.

On the other hand having a credit card and not knowing how to manage it can actually cost you money.

This can be a game, which resembles a running rat on a wheel. Each month you will be paying the minimum credit card payment but your balance will not be moving that much.

In other words you will be only paying interest only and maybe a little bit of the actual credit you took.

Ask them how many credit cards they have?

What is the balance on the credit cards?

How regularly they use the credit card?

This will show you how discipline they are when it comes to money.

5. Do You Have Any Savings?

Savings?! You may be surprised. Yes, ask them if they have savings of their own. Having savings or not will tell you whether they are spenders or savers.

In a relationship its always good to have a mixture of both a saver and a spender.

Yes, there will always be arguments in a relation like that but you can always meet in the middle.

Over to you…

What other money questions do you think I missed you.

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