5 Perennial Herbs To Grow All Year Around

17th July 2017
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Many people use herbs when cooking food. Herbs make food taste good. Anyone can easily grow herbs whether you have a big garden or small garden.


We have been growing perennial herbs for the past 2 years in our garden in containers and we really enjoy the different flavours and smells from the herbs.

Our herbs require little attention and less watering they are those sort of plants which you just plant and forget about then and only harvest when you need to use them.

Perennial herbs are easy to grow they will not die in winter they will survive for several years, unlike annual herbs which tend to die off in winter.

Here are 5 perennial herbs that we have successfully grown all over the year in our garden.


1. Thyme

Thyme is very attractive, it can be grown straight on the ground or you can plant it in containers.

It grows to become a small bush that is always green. It can grow up to 30cm tall.

In winter thyme will stop growing that means you can harvest but on a small scale.

It thrives in sunny positions and will start to flower in May and will have many leaves in from mid-May to July.

Thyme can be grown from cuttings from bigger plants.

Use: We mostly use thyme when cooking chicken dishes.


2. Oregano

Oregano loves sunny sports it does best on the ground with well-drained soil. It can also be grown in containers.

It’s a hardy and easy to take care of, it requires less watering. It can be grown from seed but it’s easier to grow from cuttings.

Use: We usually use oregano herb when roasting chicken and pasta dishes.

mint herb

3. Mint

Mint has a lovely strong aromatic fragrant. It can be grown in well-drained soil on the ground or in containers.

You can grow it indoors or outdoors it can be grown from cuttings. Mint can grow between 30cm to 60cm tall.

Use: We mainly use mint in potatoes and when cooking lamb. We also use it to make mint tea.

sage herb

4. Sage

Sage can be grown on well-drained soil on the ground or in containers. It can grow between 30cm to 70cm.

It’s easy to maintain, it can be grown from seed as well as from cuttings.

Use: We mainly use sage in eggs especially when making omelettes and making sage tea.


lemon thyme herb

5. Lemon Thyme

As the name suggests lemon thyme has a beautiful lemon fragrant, it grows into a small shrub as you can see from the picture above.

Lemon thyme will do well both on the ground and in containers it will spread around easily.

It likes to be in sunny areas and it need just enough water to keep the soil moist and not socked

Lemon thyme is one of our favourite herb in our herb container garden.

Use: We use lemon thyme when cooking chicken stew, vegetables, beef stew, marinades for meat, eggs and lemon thyme tea.

Over to you…

Do you like adding herbs in your food?

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