5 Jogging Kit Essentials

21st August 2018
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If you don’t like running then maybe you should try out jogging.

Jogging is a great gentle exercise for your body and has many health benefits.

To incorporate jogging in your exercise routine you don’t need to invest much in the jogging kit but you will need something that makes jogging much easier and compatible.


Start with want you have and with time you can add to your jogging gear.

Here are 5 Jogging Kit Essentials


running trainers

1. Trainers

When you are buying your jogging trainers they should be lightweight and comfortable.

You don’t want to be wearing heavy trainers that will weigh you down when you are jogging.

Finding the right of pair of trainers that you love, this will also make it easier for you to love jogging.

fitness clothing

2. Jogging Clothing

There are different stylish fitness clothes for women and men that you can buy.

Buy fitness clothes that fit you.

It’s also a great idea to buy fitness clothes that will fit in different seasons of the year.

For example, in summer consider having a sleeveless top and then in winter you can have a long-sleeved top.


Mobile phone armband holder

3. Mobile Phone Armband Holder

Holding your mobile phone in your hands when you are out jogging can slow your pace down as you will be thinking about checking your phone whilst you are holding it.

A recent report shows that people are now addicted to mobile phones such that they can’t go for more than 12 minutes without checking their phone.

When you are jogging don’t be tempted to hold your phone in your hands instead put your phone in an armband mobile phone holder where you are less likely to fiddle with it whilst you are jogging.

4. Smartwatch Activity Tracker Monitor

Track your progress with an activity tracker whilst you are jogging.

This tracker can be used to monitor different activities such as running, jogging walking, cycling, swimming, skiing, snowboarding, you can even use it to track your sleep and your heart rate.

You can set your fitness goals and achieve them easily with this tracker.

water bottle

5. Waistband Water Bottle Holder

It’s important to keep yourself hydrated especially when you are doing any kind of exercise or any physical activity.

That is why you should be carrying a water bottle even when you are going for you jogging.

Carrying your water bottle in your hands will slow you down when jogging opt for a waistband water bottle holder that you can use to carry your water.

Over to you…

What’s in your jogging kit?

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