5 Healthy Benefits For Growing Your Own Organic Garden

10th August 2016
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Do you grow any vegetable or fruits in your garden?

Besides just saving money there are also many health benefits of growing your own fruits and vegetables.

Here are 5 healthy benefits of growing your own fruits and vegetable.
grow your own vegetables

1. Healthy Eating

Growing your own fruits and vegetable will help you to eat healthily.  Fruits and vegetable have many nutrients that are very important for your body.

2. Exercise

Gardening involves the use of physical activity such as digging, racking, weeding all these activities count as part of your daily exercises.

You will strengthen your joints whilst doing gardening by squatting, bending, walking and lifting. Doing gardening three or four times a week will definitely keep you in shape and fit.

3. Free Vitamin D

You will also get free Vitamin D from the sun whilst you do your gardening. Vitamin D is very important for developing strong bones.

However, we can get small quantities of it from the food but most of it comes from the sunlight. So why not get it for free whilst doing your gardening.

By just being in your garden for 15 minutes a day during summer months you will be able to boost your vitamin D levels.

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4. Fresh Air

The air quality inside our homes can not be compared to the one outside. We breathe some harmful household toxins when inside our homes, which are difficult to eliminate such as benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene.

Breathing fresh air outside whilst doing gardening is healthy for you wouldn’t you agree to that.

5. Fewer Chemicals In Your Food

We all know that most fruits and vegetables that are sold in supermarkets are mass produced to cater for the demand. So to fruits and vegetables fast and free from pesticides farmer put more chemicals to kill pesticides.

When you grow your own fruits and vegetables you can limit chemicals in your fruits and vegetables.

Over To You…

What are you growing in your garden?

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