5 Hacks to Organize Your Camping Gear

17th May 2018
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Don’t we all just love camping?

Outdoor adventures are fun, but organizing camping gear and to ensure everything goes smoothly during the trip can be overwhelming.

camping tips

While we are out and about in a place with no boundaries, the space we have available to keep our things is limited.

We have to cram every necessary item and camping gear into a small space before we are set to go.

Also, storing the items in a space suitable for four people is another big challenge.

Thus, it is very important to know every hack you can use to organize and store your camping gear. That’s exactly what you will learn here!

Top Five Hacks to Store Your Camping Gear Like Never Before

No more missing flashlights, scattered first-aid box, signs of mold on hydration reservoir and the list goes on.

When you are not properly organized for a camping trip, these minor hiccups can be your worst nightmare.

And you don’t want to experience that again!

The key is to pack and organize ahead of time so you don’t have to feel lost during the trip.

Whether you are planning a trip with family or friends, it is too much fun to be bogged down by hassles associated with poorly organized camping gear.

So here we have a list of how you can put all the equipment and gear in place!

1. Utilize Clear Storage Bins

Packing everything in a duffle bag may seem like a plan but it will not be effective if you want a smooth camping trip.

As tempting as it may seem, it is important to use clear, stackable bins to pack all your camping gear.

Not only these are easy to adjust to your car, they are durable, weather resistant, and helps keep all your camping gear organized.

As for the duffle bags, they can be used for packing your personal items like shoes and clothing.

For children, help them organize by handing over different colored duffle bags to each kid.

Allow them to bring a few items of their choice on site. This way, they can keep a track of their own items and carry them without trouble.

2. Carry Only Camping-Related Items

If camping is a regular activity for you, it is ideal to invest in a few additional items reserved for camping.

For instance, you can keep separate disposable plates, utensils, and other similar items packed in advance.

Preparing a ‘trip-ready’ bag for all your essential items can save you a lot of time and work.

You will also have all the necessary items with you.

Whenever your next trip rolls around, you will have a great chunk of items already packed for it.

There’s also less chance of missing out things behind.

Some important items you can include in your tote are:

  • Paper/disposable products

  • Coffee mugs

  • Hand soap or sanitizer

  • Dish Rags

  • Utensils

This single organizing hack can save you a big deal of work.

3. Pack Beforehand

Making the best use of available space is critical to pack all the necessary items for your overnight camping trip.

It is common to over-pack just to be on the safe side.

However, if you do your packing beforehand, you can avoid carrying bulky, unnecessary items that serve no useful purpose.

To make the most out of the available space, it is important to have a mindful approach for packing.

To further streamline your camping trip, here are some more tips:

  • Instead of folding your clothes, roll them to save more space. Also, it is easier to find them this way.

  • Prepare a checklist so you don’t forget important items. Refer back to your checklist when you are placing everything in your car. Items you cannot leave behind include a flashlight, tent, necessary toiletries, sunscreens, and bug repellant.

Ask everyone if they have anything they want to carry and add it to the checklist.

4. Have A Plan For Your Camp Kitchen

To make sure all your necessary camping gear is well organized, dedicate a spot for every item and ask everyone to put things where they belong after use.

One thing that could go really wrong without a proper organizing plan is the camp kitchen.

There are tons of items that need to be taken care of ensuring your camp kitchen is well organized.

Here are some hacks:

  • Organize utensils, disposable plates, dish rags, and other small items using a plastic shoe organizer.

  • Always carry two coolers. Use one specifically for liquids and another one for storing food.

  • Use cooling racks to make segments in the cooler for placing ice and food separately.

  • Use rubber bands to keep all similar items intact.

  • Hangers can be used to keep some items mounted.

You can use simple things at home to organize your kitchen. Set out clear kitchen rules so you don’t lose anything that helps you prepare meals.

5. Use Everyday Items For Camping Hacks

A creative approach is all you need to make life easier. You can enjoy great camping hacks with simple everyday items.

You don’t have to make a major investment.

Use the things you have in your household to make your camping experience amazing.

Here are some interesting ones you can try:

  • Use an old coffee jar or can to carry toilet papers.

  • Carry pancake batter for a delicious breakfast meal in your old ketchup bottle.

  • Dry snacks can be carried in any pre-used plastic container.

Having a plan in place before setting out for a camping trip can save you time and hassle and help you enjoy outdoors. Use these ideas and incorporate more to keep your camping gear organized.

This artical was written by Rachael Everly who an undergraduate student who loves to write on the topics related to business leadership, finance, technology and education.

Her passion and flare for writing got her to write for topics that interest her such as recent technological trends and how it shapes the business world.

Her thought-provoking and well-researched writing style has made her work to be recognized on well-known websites.

She has been featured on some of the top blogs such as Inman, Forbes, Escape Artist and many others currently associated with Equip Sells It, a heavy machinery and equipment dealer in Sanford, Florida for their blogging operations. Follow her on Twitter @RachaelEverly.

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