5 Common Causes of Stress In Your Life

12th August 2016
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We live in a world where there is so much going on such that stress has now become part of our daily living.

However, each and every one of us handles stress in different ways some people handle stress better than others.

There are many causes or triggers of stress. In this article I will focus on the top 5 common triggers of stress.


1. Money

Money related stress can be caused by not being able to manage your money.

It’s important to live within your means. Know your limits when it comes to debts, credit cards and overdrafts.

Try to manage your money with a budget and always save money for a rainy day to reduce stress when that rainy day finally arrives.

2. Death Of Someone Close

Losing someone close to you you can be very painful it tears you up emotionally and physically. It’s important to talk to someone

It’s important to talk to someone when you see that you are not coping very well.

3.Health Issues

We all have some health issue at some point during our life time. This can create a very stressful time for both you and your family.

It’s important to share your feelings and thoughts during this time if you can, with your loved ones instead of suffering alone.

4. Work

If you are working in a very stressful job it’s important to look at your priorities in your life and to look at your health as well.

I have seen people working day shift and after working day shift they head straight to a night shift without getting any kind of rest or sleep.

Doing this all for the love of money. You need time to rest and relax, your body is not a machine even a machine breaks down at some point.

If you are in a very stressful job and you are only staying there for the good money I would advise you to think about your health as well.

Exposing yourself to stress very often lead to other health problems such as heart diseases.

5. Child Rearing

You are in a relationship and a baby arrives, this changes everything in your life from work, your relationship, reducing your going out and there is more house work to be done.

Having a baby calls for a dramatic change in your life style as the baby demands your attention.

Of course, babies are lovely and are such a blessing.

But bringing up a child can be a bit stressful at times you need to learn to adjust accordingly so that stress does not take over your life.

Accept help when you are offered and ask for help from people around you.


Stress is caused by many things I have given you some of the causes of stress in this article.

To live a better life you need to eliminate or reduce any stress that’s in your life by first knowing whats causing the stress.

Over to you…

What stresses you in your life? I am very interested to hear from you

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