5 Clever Ways To Organise Your Keys

18th July 2017
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Has this ever happen to you?

ways to organise keys

You are late going for work.

Soon after you finished getting ready you start searching for your car keys only to realise they are nowhere to be seen.

You search everywhere you can think of, on the sofa,  under the sofa, on top of kitchen surfaces and in your kid’s toy chest still, you can’t find them.

To make matters worse you start panicking yelling and shouting to everyone in the house to help you find your keys.

Does this sound any familiar?

This is a common occurrence in most houses, each morning people rushing and stressing about where their keys are.

By simply designating a place where you keep your keys in your house, you can cut all the chaotic mornings.

Here are 5 ways to organise your keyskeys and letter holder

1. White Letter Rack With 3 Key Holder Hooks

This lovely white letter holder has 3 hooks for hanging keys.

It can be easily hung onto the wall.

key rack letter holder chalk board

2. Letter Rack Holder With 3 Key Hooks And Chalk Board

This 3 in 1 letter rack is versatile.

It comes with 3 hooks to hang your keys.

It has chalkboard which you can use to write down your shopping list or your to-do list.

woodern key holder hooks

3. Key Holder Storage 5 Hooks Wall Mounted

This rustic wooden key shaped key storage rack will look great on your walls.

It comes with 5 hooks to hang your keys.

key sttorage rack

4. Black Metal Bicycle Wall Hanging 9 Hooks Keys Or Coats

This black metal bicycle storage rack can be used to store keys or coats.

It’s simple and yet eye-catching.

house key holder

5. Chrome House 5 Hook Key Holder

This chrome key holder comes with the words “house keys” on it.

It can be hanged on the walls.

Over to you…

Any other ways to keep keys organised?

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