5 Clever Ways To Organise Pens And Pencils

6th March 2017
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Pens and pencils can easily be scattered around a home or office creating a messy everywhere. Finding a place where you can store them is a great way to get organised.

pens pencials

By organizing your pens and pencils you save time and money.

Here are 5 Ways to Organise Your Pencil and Pens.

Pen tray1. Metal Desk Tidy .

This is a great desk tidy to store all your pens, pencils and and other stationery bits and bobs neatly. It can be placed on top of a desk or counter for easy access.

wood pen holder

2. Rustic Wooden Pencil Pen Holder

This shabby chic rustic wooden pen holder is a perfect way to organise. It can easily blend in to your office or home interior and it has an eye catching design.

pen storage pot

3. Metal Round Stationery Holder Pot

Simple and stress free pen and pencil pot organiser choose from different colours black, silver, red, green and blue.

swirvel pen holder

4. Swivel Rotating Office Desk Tidy

This rotating desk tidy is very handy for organizing your stationery. Store your rules, staple pins, rubbers, sharpeners,pens, and pencils never clutter your work space again.

pen storage ideas

5. Versatile Pens and Pencils Holder

This is a versatile organiser which can be fixed to a wall. It can also be used in other rooms in the house for example it can be used as at tooth brush holder in the bathroom.

These are great ways of organizing your pens or pencils if you decide to try any one of them remember to make it a habit to return the pens and pencil after each use.

We tend to “steal” pens most of the time its unintentionally however at times it can be intentionally.This is something I am still working on but for me most of the time its unintentionally. How about you?

When you do this remember to give the pen  back to the owner to avoid “pen conflict” or a huge collection of pens, which can be overwhelming and difficult to organise.

Over to you…

Any other ways to organised pens and pencils?

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