5 Best Wholesalers To Buy Grocery In Bulk

16th October 2017
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Do you like to shop for food in bulk?

There are many wholesalers across the country that sell food in bulk.

Of course buying food in bulk might not be for everyone especially if you live alone, however, if you have you a big family like me you might need to consider buying food in bulk.

Buying my groceries in bulk has saved me a lot of shopping trips to the supermarket.

Most food wholesalers are cheaper than supermarkets, you save a lot of money when you buy in bulk from a wholesaler.

Here are 5 Best Wholesalers To Buy Grocery In Bulk

1. Costco

Costco is one of the biggest food wholesaler in the country.

Costco sales food and many other household items, to buy from Costco you need to join their membership as a trader or as an individual.

There is a small annual fee of £33.60 for individuals but don’t be put off by this charge as you will save even more money if you shop there regularly.

You can also shop at Costco online without joining membership but they will charge you an additional  5% non-member surcharge.

I have shopped at Costco a few times and I really like their prices and their products are good quality especially their toilet rolls.

2. Makro

Makro is another great food wholesaler.

It’s mainly used by traders but anyone can buy from the online without joining any membership.

It sells different food item and cleaning supplies.

Their prices are competent and their products are of good quality.

3. Infinity Foods

Infinity Foods is a great organic food wholesaler.

To buy from them you have to find a warehouse that is near where you live.

They offer delivery but to qualify for it you have to make a minimum purchase starting from £250.

They sell fair-trade and organic food at good prices.

4. Approved Food

Approved food specialises in selling food that is either near or just passed its best before date.

They sell food items at a discounted prices.

You can shop online or find their warehouse near you.

When you are buying from them you need to make sure that you buy food that you will consume quicker before it expires to maximise your savings.

5. Naturally Good Food

Naturally Good Food sells wholesome and organic food at great prices.

They have a wide range of organic food and they offer free delivery for orders above £40.

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Food In Bulk From Wholesalers

1. Always compare prices before committing to shop from a food wholesaler.

Some products might be cheaper if bought from supermarkets than food wholesalers

2. Avoid buying items that you don’t use regularly as you will be wasting your money especially things that expire.

3. Make sure you have enough storage space for the food you are buying.

Buying food in bulk can save you a lot of money and time.

In this article, I have shared 5 Wholesalers to buy food in bulk and I have also shared common mistakes that people make when buying from in bulk from wholesalers.

I hope these tips will help when buying food in bulk from wholesalers.

Over to you…

Do you like shopping in bulk on food?

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