5 Benefits Of No Dig Vegetable Garden

31st May 2018
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Do you dig your vegetable garden or not?

no dig garden

When I started growing vegetable in our home garden I didn’t know anything about gardening.

I had to invest into a few gardening books and borrow some books from the library.

I also watched some gardening TV shows such as Gardener’s World By Monty Don which helped me with a lot of knowledge about gardening.

I first learned about No-dig gardening from Gardeners’ World and I also came across it in gardening books such as Your Organic Allotment By Ian Spence.

Basically, No-dig concept is when you choose not to dig your garden.

The concept is build on the foundation that digging your soil too much can destroy the soil structure.

When using no digging technique you only dig your soil to the minimal for example when sowing and harvesting crops.

I was intrigued by the concept of having a No – dig garden but I was sceptical on the effectiveness of the concept since I had never heard of such thing of having a garden and not digging it.

This concept was new to me and despite of my doubts I wanted to try it in for my vegetable garden.

I finally decided to try the concept in my garden last year and I have seen tremendous results and wish I had started this earlier.

5 Benefits Of No Dig Vegetable Garden

1. Reduction Of  Weeds

Very few weeds reach the surface with no-dig technique.

I have noticed a big reduction in the number of weeds in my garden since practising no dig approach to gardening.

2. Soil Structure Improves. 

If you have clay soil in your garden it can be hard to soften your soil with digging only.

With no-dig concept, you can improve any kind of soil structure by putting compost in your garden, this will loosen your soil resulting in a softened soil structure which is easy to work with.

This will preserve your soil and improve it with time.

When you start no-dig concept you might need to dig your garden first and loosen the soil a bit and remove weeds.

Afterward, there is no need to dig your garden on except when planting and harvesting your produce as I mentioned above.

3. No More Digging The Soil 

No-dig as the name suggests they is no need for breaking your back trying to dig your garden.

No more hoeing or digging.

This will actually make gardening an enjoyable task for many people even to those who don’t have green fingers.

3. Reduction Of Moisture Loss

Most plants need to stay hydrated from them to flourish whether they are on the ground or in a container.

Moisture is very important for your vegetable garden.

It’s a great idea to test your garden for moisture, to make sure that your are vegetables watered well.

No-dig concept helps to retain moisture in the garden you don’t need to water your garden every day except on those hot summer days and on days when there is a heatwave.

5. Saves Time In the Garden

With no dig concept, you save time as you don’t have to weed your garden every now and again.

No digging means less time is spent in the garden doing the actual digging or watering your garden.

Over to you…

Do you dig your vegetable garden?

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