5 Benefits of Having A Healthy Smile

6th April 2017
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Everyone knows that a smile is an attractive feature, but there are many other benefits of smiling that you may not know about.

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Your smile can affect both your health and your mood, as well as many other factors.

Here’s a guide for the best benefits of having a healthy smile.

1. Oral Health Affects Your Overall Health

Most people think that their oral health only affects their teeth. This isn’t true.

In fact, oral health can affect your heart health and can lead to giving birth too early and low birth weight in pregnant women.

If you think that you may need to improve your oral health, you should go visit a dentist.

Good oral hygiene can prevent:
.Losing your teeth
.Bad breath
.Gum disease
.Cavities and tooth decay
.Other disease related to excessive bacteria in the mouth

You can’t feel confident with your smile if your teeth aren’t healthy.

The sooner that you receive orthodontic treatment, the sooner you will be able to restore your confidence.

2. Smiling Reduces Stress

Once your oral health is up to par, you can begin to enjoy many of the natural benefits of smiling.

One of the biggest benefits is that smiling can reduce stress.

A recent study from the University of Kansas suggested that smiling while performing difficult tasks can reduce your heart rate and the stress level on your body.

While smiling won’t necessarily remove stressful tasks from your life, it will help you to feel better while you go throughout the stresses of day-to-day life.

Not being able to smile due to not liking your teeth can add stress in your life.

3. Laughing and Smiling Are Natural Painkillers.

Another great benefit of having a great smile is that smiling works as a natural painkiller.

When you smile, the body releases endorphins, which are chemicals that are produced in the brain.

Endorphins can help to soothe any pain and boost your mood. While smiling will not replace traditional pain killers for serious or chronic pain, it can help you to feel better.

Having a healthy smile can be a natural way to help boost your mood and make you feel better.

4. Smiling Boosts Your Immune System.

One of the greatest health benefits of having a healthy smile is that it can help boost your immune system.

Because smiling can help reduce stress in your body, your body is more prepared to fight against infection and disease.

While smiling cannot treat any disease, smiling regularly can help prepare your body to fight off any unwanted pathogens and be strong enough to fight illness if you do happen to be exposed to unwanted germs.

5. Smiling Makes You More Attractive

Another great benefit of smiling is that it makes you more attractive to the people around you.

A recent study suggested that smiling increased your physical attractiveness in comparison to those who don’t smile.

Additionally, smiling can make you seem kinder, more personable, more sincere, more competent, and more approachable.

Having a healthy smile can help you connect with other people and perhaps even find more success in your personal and professional life.


Smiling is a sign of happiness and health. The more healthy your smile is, the more healthy you will be and the better you will feel.

If you don’t feel like your smile is where you want it to be, make an appointment with your dentist and discuss the treatments that you need to become happy, healthy, and confident.

This article was written by Alyssa Gisseman who is a student at Brigham Young University. Alyssa is studying English language and editing.

She currently does copy writing and editing at Wallaroo Media.

She loves researching and sharing what she learns with others, especially when it is a topic as important as this one.

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