5 Awful Relationship Habits That You Need To Avoid

15th December 2017
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The demise of the relationship usually does not happen at an overnight pace.

Usually, it is a series of hurtful events coming from bad relationship habits causing the two parties to break away and finally give up making the relationship better.

One of the most common reasons for ending a relationship is when we perceive the other party as hopeless and uncaring.

So before you lose a lifetime relationship, stop and ponder.

It is time to think about the relationship whether you already have the bad habit that will contribute to the demise of the relationship.

After I met my partner on this dating site, I am just too joyful to have found this partner and I want to share this tips to break this bad relationship habits and make this relationship last for a long time.

1. Being Combative And Always Wanting To Win

When it becomes clear that for each of your encounter it almost always end up in a fight.

Worse is that when you would always try to outsmart your partner and try to win all the arguments.

This cycle of fighting becomes a bullet that can cause the death of the relationship.

It shows an increased level of uncaring attitude from you to your partner.

This callousness towards the other might have started with you or the partner having a grudge against the other.

It was unresolved and then, the anger becomes a normal occurrence in the relationship.

It has worsened that each encounter becomes a battle of the wills.

2. Taking Your Partner For Granted

Perhaps, it is the over-familiarity with each other that brought you to readily dismiss the efforts of your partner.

It is not an aggressive behaviour, in fact, it is a passive one.

Being taken for granted cuts through to yourself esteem as you do not see yourself worthy of the attention of the partner.

In turn, you deem yourself useless and not worthy to take on anything.

A relationship has to be nurtured and taken care of and the attention given to one another should always be present even at varying levels.

Always think of your partner and do little or big things to acknowledge her or his presence, however, occupied you are.

It does not need to be a grand gesture.

Leaving small notes under the pillow before going on a long trip is already something.

Texting your partner in the middle of a busy workday is of course very much appreciated.

3. Intense And Unhealthy Jealousy

Jealousy can be healthy or unhealthy. A healthy jealousy will make the relationship stronger as you are showing to the other people that you have taken this person as the love of your life.

But an unhealthy jealousy is just a range of emotions born out of selfishness and insecurity.

It jeopardizes your partner’s relationship with friends or even relatives.

It puts the partner to shame instead of showing that you really care.

It makes your partner like a property that you own and never ever want to share with anybody.

This is one way of checking if your being jealous has taken over you and has caused a dilemma to your partner.

If it has it’s time to stop and look into yourself as to where this rage and jealous fit comes from.

4. Bringing Up The Mistakes Of The Partner At All Times

To keep score of your partner’s mistakes is really not good.

A relationship is not a competition where you keep score of what the other has done bad.

To wallow on the mistake of the other is never a good habit.

This is a sign that you have never really forgiven a partner when a mistake was committed against you.

Thus, this opens up questions about the relationship on where this unforgiving behaviour comes from.

One should try to look at the relationship and try to promote being forgiving towards each other and then forgetting about the mistakes should also be taken into consideration.

5. Constantly Trying To Change Your Partner

At times, we are so into our partner that we tend to control everything that they are and everything that they do.

It seems that our partner has become our project and this has become a bad relationship habit.

Molding a person into somebody never want to be will certainly kill the feelings that you have for each other.

If you can just imagine if the partner does this to you, what would you feel?

This selfish motive will never work at for a long-term period, sooner something has to break and that could be the start of the end of your relationship.

This article was written by Ria who is the editor in chief for the interracial dating site called Afroromance.com.
She is ambitious and passionate about turning the world into a multi-coloured community.
Her goal is to spread the message of free love without the boundaries of colour while exploring the society and community built around this ideal.
It is important for her and the website to inspire a new generation of people with a mind that is open to unity among everyone.”

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