40 Tips For Building A Long Lasting Friendship

15th March 2018
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Some people find it easy to make new friends whereas some people find it difficult to make new friends.

Which one are you?

These days we live a hectic lives having long-lasting friendship can be a challenge to all of us.

Here are Tips On Building A Long Lasting Friendship

1. Find time to be with your friends.

2. Show kindness.

3. Find the right friend.

4. Laugh together as friends.

5. Always communicate.

6. Show some love.

7. Share memories.

8. Learn to say sorry.

9. Be easy going and don’t be complicated.

10. Be a good listener.

11. Don’t be jealous.

12. Accept your friend’s personality.

13. Be willing to compromise.

14. Stop complaining.

15. Stop comparing.

16.Give compliments.

17. Keep promises.

18. Stop trying to please your friend.

19. Have a positive attitude.

20. Share good times.

21. Be with your friend in bad times.

22. Don’t keep secrets from your friend.

23. Don’t gossip about your friend.

24. Be humble.

25. Accept help from your friend.

26.Visit new places together and have fun.

27. Learn new things together.

28. Be yourself don’t try to be someone else when around your friend.

29. Find your common interests.

30. Be a motivator for your friend.

31. Avoid conflicts when ever possible.

32. Give a lot and in return, you will also receive.

33. Ask your friend.

34. Be persistent.

35. Be patient.

36.  Show compassion.

37. Try not to make assumptions.

38. Call your friend on his or her birthday.

39. Ask for advice from your friend.

39. Don’t take your friendship for granted be thankful.

40. Be realistic in your expectations from your friend.

If you have ever watched the Friends which is an American television sitcom you will know that real friend will stick with you forever.

Over to yo…

How many reliable friends do you have?

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