3 Things You Are Not Doing That Could Save You Money.

28th November 2016
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In our everyday life, there are simple things that we could do that could potentially save us a lot of money.

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Trying out these 3 simple things will help you to save more money.

Meal Planning

Planning your family meal can be a little bit hard and time-consuming but once you get the hang of it will become easier and faster.

Wondering where you can get the meal ideas? There so many places where you can get meal ideas easily statring from this blog search here and you will find healthy meals to try.

You can search on YouTube for recipe ideas and you can also do a google search and even find websites such as allrecipies and Goodfood just to mention a few.

Meal planning helps you not to order unplanned take- away which is unhealthy and cost much higher than preparing your own food at home which tastes better.

Here is a free printable meal planning template your meals easily.


Weekly Menu Planner

Buying Used Items

Buying used items can be just as good new be it clothing, furniture, kids toys and even a car. There is one thing that I think I will choose not buy new and that is a car, you might say I am too frugal or crazy.

But I try to live my life not keeping up with the Jones. I live within my means.

A new car will depreciate its value by almost 11% once driven by it owner out of the garage. So why should I buy a new when is value decreases from the moment I drive it off.

I would rather wait and buy that car after 2 to 3 years when its value would even reduce further.

Buying Prepared Vegetables

Surely why do we throw away money to those giant supermarkets? Chopped carrots, peeled potatoes, ready to roast fresh peeled vegetables to make your delicious Sunday roast really?

How many knives do you have in your house that you can used to peal and cut these vegetables? Do you have few minutes to spare cutting vegetable?

Here is a good example that will make you think, buying Asda chopped Carrot Batons cost £0.56 per 300grams where as buying Asda unprepared carrots cost £0.29 per kg.

Surely choosing the second option will help you save more money.

Over to you…

What other things are you not doing that could save you money?

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