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10p Saving Challenge Free Printable

Saving money is a good habit that everyone needs to learn. There are many ways people can save money and one way that helps me stick to my saving goals is to create a challenge for myself. So far I have shared 2 money saving challenges which are: 52 Week Savings Challenge Free Printable One… Read More »

19 Ways To Increase Your Income And Boost Your Emergency Fund

Do you have money set aside for any unexpected emergencies? Putting aside money for emergencies will help you to enjoy a more peaceful and stress-free life. Setting aside emergency fund can be a bit difficult especially if your income is not enough, but don’t despair they are many other ways you can boost your income… Read More »

How To Freeze Onions From Your Garden

I love using onions in my meals especially in stews, soups, and in salads. Onion is a versatile vegetable and be used in many recipes. This year I decided to grow some onions in my garden and I am already harvesting, some of the onions. Because they are so many I have decided to freeze… Read More »

5 Clever Ways To Organise Your Kitchen Cupboards

Keeping your kitchen organised is a great way of avoiding bringing chaos in your kitchen. Finding a place for everything in your kitchen will help you to keep your kitchen organised and you will be able to work efficiently in your kitchen. Here are 5 Way To Help You Organise Your Kitchen.  1.Pan Rack Shelves… Read More »

11 Extraordinary Benefits Of Gardening

Gardening regularly has many benefit to your general health, fitness and wellbeing. Whether you have a small garden, an allotment, a flower garden or vegetable garden all of these are good for you if you regularly get your hands dirty. Gardening is a good way to spend time with nature away from the busy world… Read More »

Sauteed Purple Kale Parsley And Carrot Recipe

My family and I enjoy eating kale a lot and we make sure that every year we have a good supply of it in our garden. We often put kale in our raw salads and use these homemade salad dressings which we make from scratch. We also like to cook our kale from time to… Read More »

How To Make Garlic Paste For Storing In The Freezer

Most people don’t like the smell of garlic and yet it has many vitamins that our bodies need. I love cooking with garlic as it make food taste great. Since I use it almost every day in my cooking I find it time-consuming to peel and cut the garlic each time I am cooking food.… Read More »

Why Are Relationships So Difficult To Maintain

When you have been in a long-term relationship, the excitement you felt when it was starting begins to fade. That brings with it some infamous road bumps, and you begin to wonder why you are still with that person after so long. You may even wonder what makes relationships so hard to maintain you now… Read More »