Monthly Archives: June 2018

We Just Got An Allotment

We couldn’t wait to share with you the great news that we got an allotment. If you have been following us here for a while you will know that  our family has green fingers we love gardening. We decided to apply for an allotment last year mainly because we wanted to grow more vegetables and… Read More »

5 Simple Ways To Make New Friends

Finding new friends and keeping them is not easy these days, especially with the coming of social media. Real friends are coming to an extinction as online friends numbers are constantly raising especially to the younger generations. It’s important to have real friends people you can laugh with, share memories and connect with. Here are… Read More »

5 Ways To Organise Your Dirty Clothes

Everyone likes wearing clean clothes and nobody likes to wear dirty clothes. Dirty clothes can easily clutter your house if you don’t know how to organise your laundry. Here are 5 Ways To Organise Your Dirty Clothes 1. Laundry Baskets It easy to manage dirty clothes when you have a place to put them. Laundry… Read More »

3 Reasons Why You Need To Budget For Miscellaneous Spending

Does your monthly household budget include miscellaneous spending money? If you are not budgeting for miscellaneous spending then at the end of each month you are most likely to ask yourself the question “where did all the money go?” Miscellaneous spending is one category in the budget that can take a big chunk of money… Read More »

How To Remove Limescale From A Kettle Using Vinegar

There are many inexpensive ways you can remove limescale from your kettle. I recently share one way you can remove limescale from a kettle using lemon juice. In this article, I will share easy steps you can follow to remove limescale from a kettle using white vinegar. Step 1 Empty the kettle, pour one cup… Read More »

6 Ways To Cover Your Vegetable Garden Pathways

Do you have pathways in your vegetable garden? Pathways provide a great way for you to move around your garden. They don’t have to take a lot of space but they need to be wide enough so that you can walk between your vegetable beds with ease. Pathways need to be clear of weeds as… Read More »