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January 2018 House Savings Update

This month I was late in giving you an update on our house savings so I will go straight to the figures and tell you how well we did.   Our Progress So Far… Month £s Saved This Month Total Saved So Far Family Reward Starting Savings July 2016 August 2016 September 2016 October 2016… Read More »

6 Ways To Take Control Of Chronic Nightmares

When nightmares are an occasional occurrence, they are manageable, but when a person experiences chronic nightmares, it can have an impact on their health and mental wellbeing. Nightmares are more common for children than they are for adults, and the frequency of nightmares will usually diminish as you get older. However, a small percentage of… Read More »

How To Lose Weight Faster Without Exercise

With a busy life sometimes it can be hard to reach your weight loss goals.  Exercises play a very important role in weight loss but changing a few things with your diet can also help you to lose weight faster without exercise. Here are tips on How To Lose Weight Faster Without Exercise 1.  Plate… Read More »

Common Conditions That Lead To Mobility Problems In Elderly

Aging comes with various health concerns associated with mobility. Muscle pains and joint problems can lead to difficulties in walking, getting up from the chair or bed, or climbing the stairs. A senior suffering from mobility-related illnesses can experience more pain and difficulty doing simple tasks as well. The most common conditions that lead to… Read More »

A Mother’s Love By Santa Montefiore – Novel Review

Here is a book review of A Mother’s Love By Santa Montefiore Story Line Of The Novel The novel tells a story of Robert and Celeste who are married. They lost their 8-year-old son, Jack, to leukaemia and are finding it difficult to move on especially Celeste.   Over sixteen months have passed since the death… Read More »

4 Important Money Lessons To Teach Your Kids

Teaching children about money is very important. Most people reach their adulthood without any financial knowledge. You can’t really blame them no one taught them about money when they were in school.   Some parent they don’t know how to teach their children about money and again you can’t blame the parents as their parent… Read More »

8 Tips To Reduce Food Waste And Save Money

Every year we throw away food worth £13 billion just here in the UK. How can we have money in our pockets when we are buying food and throwing it away in the bin? We are simply throwing money in the bin. We can’t deny the fact that we are a throwaway society.   What… Read More »

How To Prepare For An Unexpected Job Loss Financially

Most of the time a job loss comes as shock or as a surprise. Is there anything that you can do to prepare yourself financially before a job loss hits you? I remember back in 2010 when my husband lost his job unexpectedly. I had just started my maternity leave. And we were waiting for… Read More »