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Best Exercises For Stronger Shoulders

Physical fitness has become a global movement in recent years that not only aims to encourage people to be fit and confident, but also to boost their self-esteem and decrease their risk of developing lifestyle diseases and injuries. Statistics show that 7.5 million people consulted a doctor in 2006 because of shoulder problems including shoulder… Read More »

How To Make DIY Homemade Glass Mirror Window Cleaner

A glass or mirror full of figure prints, toothpaste or shaving form smudges is not attracting to use. You can easily keep you mirrors, glasses or windows sparkling clean by cleaning them using your own homemade. Using your own homemade cleaner is always less expensive than buying commercial cleaners and it’s also good for your… Read More »

PS I Love You By Cecelia Ahern – Novel Review

Here is a book review of P.S. I Love You By Cecelia Ahern About The Author Cecelia Ahern is an Irish novelist she wrote her first novel P.S. I Love when she was 21 years old. She has written many other novels including The Book Of Tomorrow which I reviewed here. She has sold over… Read More »

4 Tips For Healthy And Strong Joints

Your body is made of many different bones and your joints are what connect these bones to one another. Certain joints help you to be able to do things like bend your knees, your elbows, turn your head, bend your back, and wiggle your fingers, just to mention a few. Inside of your joints you… Read More »

4 Green Plumbing Upgrades That Help You Conserve Water and Save Money

Water has a long list of uses. Beyond drinking water to hydrate our bodies, this clear liquid is also used for irrigation and sanitation purposes. Approximately 70 percent of the Earth is covered in this liquid, but only less than a percent of it is potable. As the Earth’s population continues to skyrocket, combined with… Read More »

How To Recover Financially After Christmas Overspending

Each year there are many people who struggle to recover after spending too much at Christmas. It easy to get carried away with Christmas spending only to be skint when January comes. Overspending on Christmas can leave you with a big hole in your pocket  but don’t get discouraged you can easily recover financially with… Read More »

December 2017 House Savings Update

Another year has just gone by we say welcome 2018.  I am looking forward to our progress in 2018. We end 2017 on a sad note we lost a relative and a friend unexpectedly. Through this loss, I have learnt that our time here on earth is only like a flash of lightning. One minute… Read More »

Healthy Food Swaps: Tinned Tomatoes Versus Fresh Tomatoes

Tomatoes are so colourful packed with nutrients. Tomatoes are fruits which can be used in many ways. I  mainly used tomatoes when cooking stews, salads, pasta sauce and when making sandwiches.   Tomatoes can be used while they are fresh or they can be tinned tomatoes it all depends on what you are cooking. I… Read More »

10 Simple Ways To Keep Your Towels Soft And Fluffy

Everyone loves softness and fluffiness of a new towels, especially after a hot bath or shower. Unfortunately after long use and bad towel care that softness and fluffiness will no longer be felt. It important to know how to care for your towels so that they don’t become rough after long use. Here are some… Read More »