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Healthy Food Swaps: Regular Yogurt Versus Greek Yogurt

Do you like eating yogurt? Which favours do you like most? Last month I shared with you my experience of swapping white bread for brown bread if you missed it, you can see it here. This month I have swapped regular yogurt for plain Greek yogurt and can’t wait to tell you all about it.… Read More »

Foursome by Jane Fallon- Novel Review

Here are is a book review of… Foursome by Jane Fallon  About The Author The author of the novel Foursome is Jane Fallon. She lives in Hampstead in England. She has also written other novels including one of the best selling novel  Getting Rid Of Matthew. Story Line Of The Novel The novel tells a… Read More »

7 Tips For A Small Bathroom

The bathroom is a room of the house that always seems to be neglected. Bathrooms are often hidden away from the main living area of the home, so it’s easy for them to become dingy, especially if the space is already small. However, your bathroom can be a great space for relaxation at the end… Read More »

How To Lay Bark Between Vegetable Beds

Weeds, weed killer are all familiar words to you if you are a keen gardener like me. Because we all know too well how weeds and easily out grow your vegetables and you end up with no harvest at all. In my garden, I have vegetable beds which I made using the leftover wood laminate… Read More »

6 Reasons Why You Should Be Planning Meals

“What’s for dinner ” is a common question in many homes particularly when it’s around that time of eating your main meal. During this time if you don’t have a meal plan even the kids will be stressed out asking the same question what’s for dinner. Meal planning should be a top priority in organizing… Read More »

5 Benefits of Having A Healthy Smile

Everyone knows that a smile is an attractive feature, but there are many other benefits of smiling that you may not know about. Your smile can affect both your health and your mood, as well as many other factors. Here’s a guide for the best benefits of having a healthy smile. 1. Oral Health Affects… Read More »

Healthy Food Swaps: White Bread Versus Brown Bread

I am on a journey of healthy eating. Each month I will be sharing with you food I will be swapping from my current diet. Do you like eating bread? How many times a week do you eat bread?   Ever since I was a child I enjoyed eating white bread. Whether it was toast… Read More »