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Family Day Out At Sea Life Birmingham Aquarium

Last weekend we visited Sea Life Birmingham Aquarium as a family. This visit was a reward for the whole family for reaching £15 000 in our house savings goal. About The Visit. We drove to the aquarium and arrived there at around 11 am.  We had bought our entry tickets in advance so we didn’t… Read More »

7 Tips To Get Fit Without Using The GYM

We all want to get fit but paying for a gym membership can be expensive.  Are there any alternatives to getting fit without a gym? In this article, I will share simple ways to get fit without using the gym. 1. Walking Walking is a good exercise for your heart and your overall health. Whether… Read More »

10 Simple Ways To Reward Yourself Without Breaking The Bank

Sometimes you need to reward yourself for working hard in reaching that goal. Don’t you think you deserve a treat? Whether you have reached a goal on weight loss, saving money or personal development you need to reward yourself to keep for your own motivation. Rewarding yourselves doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are 10… Read More »

The Broken Man By Josephine Cox- Novel Review

Here are is a book review of The Broken Man By Josephine Cox About The Author The author of the novel The Broken Man is Josephine Cox also known as Jo Cox. She was born in the county of Lancashire in the United Kingdom. Her novels are best sellers and she has written over 50… Read More »

Saying Goodbye Carpet! Hello Wooden Laminate

I am excited to tell you that we have said goodbye to our carpet in our living room and welcomed wooden laminate. Why We Removed Our Carpet? We have had carpet in our living room for the past 4 years. We use our living room as a dining area so it’s a high traffic area… Read More »

52 Week Savings Challenge Free Printable

I recently shared 1 penny savings challenge with you and most of you liked the idea. In this article, I will be sharing with you the 52 Week Saving Challenge. The 52 week savings challenge can help you save about £1378 in a year. The idea behind it is that you save weekly starting with… Read More »

Confessions Of A Wild Child By Jackie Collins- Novel Review

Here is a book review of Confessions Of A Wild Child By Jackie Collins   About The Author The author of the novel Confession Of A Wild Child is Jacki Collins. She was born in Hampstead in the United Kingdom. She wrote 32 novels and sold millions of copies of her novels. She sadly passed… Read More »

One Penny Saving Challenge Free Printable

People save money to achieve different savings goals. If you are planning to save around £667.95 in a year why not try the One Penny Money Saving Challenge. Start saving only 1p the first day of the year, 2p the second day, 3p the third and continue increasing 1p to the amount you save every… Read More »