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September 2016 House Buying Savings Update

Its that time of the month again when I share with you an update of what we saved this month towards our savings for buying our first house. This Month Savings During the month of September, we managed to save £655 towards our goal. So far we are happy with the progress as this is… Read More »

Easy No Bake Cheesy Jacket Potato Recipe

Potatoes are a staple in many countries around the world. I like using potatoes when preparing meals. Potatoes can be cooked in various ways such as boiling, mashing, frying or baking.  I will share my easy and delicious no bake jacket potatoes recipe with you in this post.  This recipe serves four people. Ingredients 4… Read More »

The Desperate Bride’s Diet Club By Alison Sherlock- Novel Review

Here is my book review of… The Desperate Bride’s Diet Club By Alison Sherlock About The Author The author of The Desperate Brides Diet Club is Alison Sherlock. This was her first novel. She then went on and wrote other novels The Desperate Wife’s Survival Plan and Over The Rainbow. She still writes novels and… Read More »

Free Hipp Organic Baby Food Pouch

(Offer now expired) In Tesco September 2016 Magazine you will find a voucher  for a Free Hipp Organic Baby Food Pouch.  Cut this out this voucher and hand it over at the checkout to get your free Hipp Organic Baby Food Pouch. You can also use this voucher online using this code GRKPLH. The voucher… Read More »

Left Neglected By Lisa Genova- Novel Review

Here is a book Review of Left Neglected By Lisa Genova About The Author The author of Left Neglected is Lisa Genova she is American she is a neuroscientist. She wrote one of the best selling novel Still Alice which sold over 2.6 million copies. Left Neglected is her second novel after her first novel… Read More »

How To Cook Spinach

Spinach is a very healthy dark green vegetable. It comes in two main variations baby spinach or the giant spinach. The baby spinach can be eaten raw in salads it can also be cooked. The giant spinach tastes better when cooked. Spinach is nutritious it has healthiest nutrients and minerals including vitamin K, vitamin A… Read More »

4 Things You Should Stop Buying

Have you ever bought something then later you regret having bought the item? Every day people make these kinds of purchases without questioning the importance of these purchases. Whether you want to save money, manage your money better or live a healthy life there are certain things you should stop buying to achieve your goals.… Read More »

Homemade Healthy Pasta Sauce Recipe

Pasta in one of our favorite family meals especially my kid 3 kids are the biggest fans of it. We like to make our pasta sauce from scratch. Cooking our pasta sauce enables us to save money and we can also control what goes into our pasta sauce rather than buying pasta sauces which are… Read More »

10 Rules For A Better Life

I saw this Metal Hanging Wall Art on Ebay and I loved it. I thought you might also want to know the 10 rules for a better life.   Over to you… What are your rules for a better life? Save Save

5 Best Workout Channels On YouTube

Staying active is very important for your well being. Doing regular exercising will help you to get and stay fit. These days you can easily start a successful exercising routine without going to the gym. They are plenty of great workout channels on YouTube which can help you get fit. Here are 5 best workout… Read More »