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Against all Odds – The Baby Bird Survived Update 2

This article is a follow up to this article where I am sharing the life of a baby bird that fell and landed in to our garden from its nest. Day 2 We are all excited about Lucky (baby bird) and everyone in our house can’t resist checking on it a few times. We are… Read More »

August 2016: House Buying Savings Update

Here is our August update on our progress on saving money to buy our first house if you missed last month update you can view it here. We are still adjusting our family budget to meet our goal of saving £605 each month our target is to save £34 500 in the next 4 years.… Read More »

The Klone And I By Danielle Steel – Novel Review

Here is a book review of The Klone And I By Daniella Steel   About The Author Danielle Steel is the author of The Klone And I she was born in 1947 and is an American. She is one of the world’s best selling author. She has written several novels. I recently share with you… Read More »

Against all Odds – The Baby Bird Survived Update 1

Last Friday we visited our relatives down south in Portsmouth we had a great time there, we went with the kids. We returned back on Tuesday afternoon. On arrival, we noticed a lonely bird in our back garden seating on the fence we think it is a wood pigeon. We first thought it was looking… Read More »

The Silent Wife By A.S.A Harrison – Book Review 8

Here is a book review of The Silent Wife By A.S.A Harrison About The Author  A.S.A Harrison is the author of The Silent Wife, she sadly passed away in 2013 whilst working on her a new book. The Story Line Of The Novel The Silent Wife tells a story of a couple Todd and Jodi.… Read More »

Banana And Summer Fruits Smoothie Recipe

Here is a delicious recipe for Banana And Summer Fruits Smoothie Ingredients 1 Banana 1 Handful of frozen summer fruits Quarter glass of water/milk 1 Tablespoon Greek yoghurt Method 1. Wash and peel the banana and cut into small cubes. 2. Put all the ingredients in the blender or smoothie maker. 3. Blend until there… Read More »

How To Relieve Stress

Life is full of stress and as we all know, too much stress can take a toll on your health. You need to give yourself time to relax and de-stress the stress away. Here is how to relieve stress and relax. 1. Know What Stresses Identify what stresses you, is it the kids screaming at… Read More »

Gangsta Granny By David Walliams- Book Review

This is book review was written by my son Ethan. He is currently 10 years old and is still in primary school and loves reading books. The book that Ethan is reviewing is called Gangsta Granny By David Williams The Story Line Of This Novel This novel tells a story about a young boy called… Read More »

5 Clever Ways To Organise Your Chest of Drawer

I recently read a book called The Life Changing Magic Of Tiding By Marie Kondo and I wrote about the review of this book here. Although I see myself as an organised person this book took me to another level. It taught me lessons on how to organise things in order, the right way and… Read More »