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Strawberry and Banana Smoothie Recipe

Here is a delicious smoothies recipe I made using banana and strawberries. The strawberries I used in this recipe are from my garden which I told you about in this post: Fruits and Vegetable I am Growing In My Garden This Year. The joy of harvesting your own organic food is so great. Strawberry and… Read More »

Southern Lights By Danielle Steel– Novel Review

Here is my second update from the reading challenge. Have you joined yet the reading challenge? If you missed my first update you can find it here Southern Lights by Danielle Steel   It tells a story about Alexa Hamilton who is a single mother to 17-year-old girl Savannah. After a bitter divorce ten years… Read More »

Never Say Goodbye By Susan Lewis – Novel Review

Here is my first update from the reading challenge which I shared with you last time. How are you doing with the reading challenges?  Did you read any books this month? As for me  I managed to read:    This book is about a twin sister Bel Monkron who lost her twin sister to breast… Read More »

Farmfoods Bulk Buys – 5 KG Onions Only £1.50

  Farmfoods are selling 5 kg Onions for only £1.50 Great price for those who like to buy in bulk and for those who cook meals from scratch Offer subjected to availability. Click here to see more deals and offers. You Might Also Like Save Save Save Save Save

Bananas Raspberry Smoothie Recipe

In case you missed the previous post in which I was explaining why smoothies are good for you and why you need to make them right now you can view the post here. 10 Reasons Why You Must Drink Smoothies This week I am sharing this recipe for delicious: Bananas Raspberry Smoothie   Ingredients       Serves… Read More »

5 Simple Money Question You Must Ask Your Fiancée Before Marriage

Do you know your fiancée very well? When you are choosing someone to get married to you have to know that person very well financially. Rushing to marry someone you don’t know might fire back to you. Do a research on your fiancée financial background. Knowing this information will help you make the right decision… Read More »

Amazon: Fashion Sale Now On

(To ensure remains completely free to use this post may contain affiliate links. Read our disclosure policy here) is having a fashion sale on: Clothing Shoes Bags Jewellery Start Date: On Going End Date: 15/08/2016 Visit to see more You Might Also Like Save Save Save Save