20 Time Management Tips For Busy Parents

10th August 2017
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I think you will agree with me that it’s a constant struggle to manage time when you are a parent with young children.

20 Time Management Tips For Parents

Keeping up appointments, school run, meal planning and managing all the house making chores are some of the daily tasks that each parents has to keep up, on top of their job.

Here are 20 times management tips every parent should know

1. Write Down A Daily To Do List

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with so much stuff to do if you are a parent.

At the end of each day or first thing in the morning write down your daily to do list on a piece of paper or planner.

You can also download apps such as Any.do or Wunderlist which you can use to create your To do list and tick off your tasks as you do them.

Having a to do list will help you to stay organised and manage your time better.

2. Priorities Your To Do List

Make sure you priorities your tasks on your to do list.

From your to do list pick  3 most important tasks that you want to do that day and start your day by doing these 3 important task.

Doing this will help you to get motivated to do other tasks as you would have already done the most important tasks for the day.

3. Family Calendar

A family calendar will help not to forget those dentist appointments, doctors’ appointments, kids after school activities.

It’s a good idea to share a calendar as a family.

If you are using a paper calendar put the calendar somewhere in your house where it easily visible to everyone.

4. Plan Your Meals Ahead

Meal planning will not only save you time but it will also save you money.

Plan your meals such that on busy nights you will cook easy meals such as pasta or eat left overs.

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5. Learn To Prepare Things Ahead

Whether its laying your clothing for tomorrow before bed or making sandwich the night before, learning to prepare your things ahead of time will help you save time.

6. Avoid Clutter Keep Things Organised.

Make sure everything in your home has a place of it own to call home.

Disorganization will cost you a lot of time and money.

If you have clutter take steps to reduce the clutter you own to create space to store things you really love and are useful in your life.

Don’t keep things in the hope that one day you call need then keep them because they spark joy in your life as  the author Marie Kondo explains in her book The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying

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7. Say No To Multitasking

Multitasking is a skill that modern parents practice a lot.

But does it make them save time or actually loose time, one can only wonder.

When multitasking its easy to think that you are saving time but are you doing the tasks the correct way with your heart attached to the task .

Multitasking results in lose of time as it slows you, making mistakes , not doing the right thing at the first time, you lose focus on people around you.

Focus on doing just one task at a given time and you will do it to you best level.

8. Learn To Delegate Other Jobs To Other Family Members

Try to give other family members task to do so that they can help out at home.

Assign daily chores to your kids you and will be surprised how much they can do.

9. Keep Healthy Snacks In The House And In The Car.

Keep healthy snacks in the house and in the car to avoid numerous trips to the supermarket this will save you time and money.

10.Shorten Your Workouts Into Small Chunks. 

If you are short of time of doing exercise in small chunks of time such as 10- 15 minutes will help you to stay fit.

Create an exercise routine which you are comfortable with and see what works for you.

If you don’t have time to go to the gym you can still do exercises and be fit.

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11. Ask For Help

There is a proverb that I once come across which says ”  It takes a whole village to raise a child.”

What it means is that is the upbringing of a child is a communal effort.

Ask help from close family, extended family and friends to help you with babysitting so that you can have your own time alone or do other important stuff.

12. Get Enough Sleep

Make sure you and your whole family are getting enough sleep.

Not getting enough sleep will make you feel tired, moody and difficult to concentrate.

This will eat away time and before you know it the day is finished without you accomplishing what you had set out for the day.

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13. Limit Time On The Internet And Social Media

Watching a lot of television and staying long time on social medial platforms can drain all the energy in you and eat away your time.

Be selective with the programs you watch on television and limit your time on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat .

14. Don’t Try To Be A Perfectionist.

No mater how much you try to be a perfectionist its difficult when you are a parent.

Accept that perfection is unattainable.

You might want to live in a magazine look alike house but if you have kids there are times when this can be hard to achieve.

Being a perfectionist leaves a little room improvement.

As a parent strive for progress not being perfect.

15. Evaluate How You Use Your Time

If you look carefully at how you spend your time in your life you will see that there are some things you do intentionally or unintentionally that are big time wasters.

Here are common time wasters for parents.

* Do you spent 5 minutes  in the morning looking for your shoes? Find a system to organise your shoes.

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Do you spend 5 minutes in the morning looking for your  cars keys or house keys? Find a system to organise

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*Do you spent 3 minutes looking for spices when you are cooking meals? Find a system to organise your spices.

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*Do you spent 4 minutes looking for a pen in your house? Find a system to organise your pens. 5 Clever Ways To Organise Pens And Pencils.

Let look at the first scenario of 5 minutes  in the morning spent looking for shoes.

How much time will you lose if you do this every say.

In a week you would lose 35minetes, in a month 2 hours 20minetes, in a year around 28 hours.

So each year you loose over day just looking for your keys.

16. Develop Morning Routines.

Developing a morning routine will help you to get more done and it helps you form good habits for youself and the rest of the family.

17. Develop A Night Time Routine

Night time routines are not only for kids even adults need to form their night time routine.

Get in the habit of doing the same things every evening or before your bed and your body will get used to that.

These things can be cleaning up after your dinner, reading bedtime stories to kids, brushing teeth and going to bed at the same time everyday.

18. Stop Procrastinating On Tasks.

They say procrastinating is the thief of time do you agree?

Putting of things that you can do today or now will put pressure on your time in the future.

Do things now and save yourself sometime, stop procrastinating its a bad habit.

19. Learn To Say NO

Parents take on a lot and are sometimes its difficult to say no.

Give yourselves a break and learn to say no at times.

20. Find Great Gadgets That will save you time

Gadgets can be great time savers.

Imagine a family of 5 with a 2 slicer toaster how much time they would save if the bought a 4 slice toaster?

When buying gadgets do a little research and ask yourself how they will save you time because most gadgets do save time.

It’s a matter of asking yourself how you will use them so that you can save time.

Over to you…

How do you manage time as a busy parent?

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