19 Ways To Increase Your Income And Boost Your Emergency Fund

26th July 2018
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Do you have money set aside for any unexpected emergencies?

Putting aside money for emergencies will help you to enjoy a more peaceful and stress-free life.

Setting aside emergency fund can be a bit difficult especially if your income is not enough, but don’t despair they are many other ways you can boost your income so that you can save money for emergencies.


extra income1. Sell Unwanted Clothes And Shoes

Shoes and clothes can easily clutter your home especially if you like shopping.

One way of keeping your home organised whilst earning money is to sell your new or used clothes and shoes that you don’t need anymore.

You can sell them on places like:


ASOS Marketplace


Cash for Clothes


2. Start Your Own Blog

If you have some spare time and you like writing why not start blogging.

Blogging can provide you with an extra income by monetizing your blog through affiliate links or selling your own products such as books.

When you set up your blog don’t expect to start earning money right away there is no fast money when it comes to blogging, it can take months or even years before you start earning a steady income from your blog.

Persistence is the key to building a successful blog one that will provide you with extra income.

3. Sell Your Old Phone

If you have old models of phone laying around in the loft or in the garage that is money you are stashing away.

You can sell our old phone at places like:

Mazuma Mobile

Recycle EE

4. Become A Mystery Shopper

If you have a bit of spare time and you love shopping why not become a mystery shopper.

Mystery shopping involves going into shops making observations about the shop including tidiness, cleanliness and customer service.

I have been doing mystery shopping with International Service Check for the past 3 years and I enjoy carrying out the tasks that I am assigned to.

It’s like going into shops spying on them.

5. Create Your Own Product

If you have a certain hobby such as sewing, knitting, weaving or letter writing why not create something and start selling it.

You could start selling your creations on sites such as Etsy for a bit of cash, with time you could actually approach big shops and showcase your products.

6. Take A Lodger

If you are living in a big house with a spare room why not consider taking up a lodger.

7. Rent Your Parking Space

Renting your parking space or garage is another way of earning extra money.

8. Become A YouTube

There are many people who started YouTube videos as a hobby and ended giving up their full-time jobs.

Of course, it takes time and one should be consistency and patience to see any good results.

It’s best to do YouTube videos of things that you love and you are passionate about.

9. Take Paid Surveys

Taking part in surveys can provide you with a little bit of extra income.

One of my favourite survey companies is YouGov.

I have been taking part in YouGov surveys for a couple of years now and I have had more than 3 cashouts of £50 so far.

Their surveys feature current affairs they are short and easy to complete.

However, there are many survey companies you just have to find the one that you like with surveys that you enjoy most.

10. Sell Old Books

Whether it’s children’s books or novels, academic books, don’t just store them in the house and leave them to collect dust.

Pass them on to others who want to use them by selling them on places like:



We Buy Books


11. Sell Your Used And Unused Household Items.

Instead of dumping your old household items have you thought about selling them instead?

Places like eBay, Facebook local selling sites are great places for selling your used items.

12. Take Up A Second Job.

Taking up another job when you have another one might sound crazy but when you are tight on money why not try it.

13. Enter Competitions

Many companies offer competition to their companies most of the competitions involved filling out a small survey on the company’s website.

With competitions, there is no guarantees that you will win the competition but you have got to be in it to win it so it good to try your luck.

14. Babysitting

Babysitting is another great way of earning extra money.

Babysitting is a job for all ages from teenagers to pensioners.

15. Dog Sitting And Walking

If you love dogs then why not make money out of it by dog sitting.

Some people go on holiday and they don’t want to leave their dogs in a dog camp.

By becoming a dog sitter you will not only be helping them but you will be earning money as well.

16. Ask For A Promotion

Don’t be afraid to ask for a promotion if you think you deserve one.

17. Sell Your Story

Many magazines and newspapers are willing to pay people who have a good real-life story.

Whether it’s a story with a good or sad ending you could sell it and get a few hundred pounds or even more.

18. House Sit

Go on holiday in somebody’s house by house sitting in their house whilst they are on holiday.

This is another way of earning money whilst you are almost doing nothing.

19. Sell Your Pictures

If you love taking pictures you could actually make money out of your hobby.

Shutterstock a great site to sell your pictures:

Over to you…

What other ways of earning extra money can you think of?

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