14 Classic Signs That Your Partner Is Cheating

13th March 2018
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Your gut instinct is always right.

If you suspect your partner is cheating then a few telltale signs will reveal that they are cheating.

A private investigator could help but a bit of snooping and observation would save you a bob or two.

Cheating deprives the other partner conjugal rights, emotional support and may result in physical harm or passing on of sexually transmitted diseases.

Here are some 14 signs Signs That Your Partner Is Cheating

1. Working Late Excuses

They start staying at work later than usual.

Sometimes workers do burn the midnight oil but if the patterns are unusual then be careful.

2. Different Perfume Smells 

They start coming home smelling perfumes that are not theirs or of the opposite sex.

3. Change Of Spending Habits 

They start spending extra money at the unusual places like gift shops or flowers shops and you are not getting any gifts or flowers.

4. Increased Showers / Baths

When they get home they go straight to the bath or shower, which they never did before.

5. Increase in Cash Transactions.

They are suddenly secretive about their finances, huge cash withdrawals would be a way to avoid transactions on cards or bankcard.

6. Reluctant About Having Sex

Their sex drive lowers, they start giving excuses for the lack of bedroom gymnastics.

7. Secretive About Their Mobile Phone

They put a pin on their phone and do not want anyone touching their phone

8. Answer Phone Calls In Private

They start receiving unusual calls and move away from others to answer the calls, always check their reactions when they receive the calls.

9. Staying Away For Long Period Of Time

Unexplained absence or taking too long to do errands that are usually short

10. New Hobbies

They start new hobbies out of the blue, which you had no idea they liked and the hobbies do not involve you anyway.

11. Quick To Anger

They are distant, highly irritable and short tempered

12. Grooming

Suddenly they start more grooming and looking better and making more effort to look nice, buying newer clothes.

13. Negative Attitude

They suddenly become negative and critical and walk away or shy away from arguments, which they never did before.

14. Sudden Interest In Social Media Platforms.

New social media and work friends you do not know or never heard about before and a new interest in new social media sites.

One sign on its own is not enough a few of them and your gut instinct then you know you might be onto something, but do not destroy a perfectly functioning relationship by being over critical and looking for signs where they do not exist.

Most cheaters are caught by the trails they leave on technology and a mistake is usually what it takes to get the lucky break.

Over to you…

Have you ever caught someone cheating on you?

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