12 Tips To Stop Shopping Addiction

24th August 2017
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Do you like shopping? Are you a shopaholic?

How to stop shopping


Shopping can easily become an addiction for someone who likes to shop a lot.

Just like any kind of addiction, there are some simple ways you can you can do to control your the desire for shopping.

1. Set Up A Budget.

Getting in the habit of will help you to shop for only things you really need.

Every month make a budget of how you are going to use your money.

In your budget list categories such as e.g bills, food, clothing, savings and fuel or traveling.

In each category set up the amount, you want to use and stick to this amount to avoid overspending.

2. Always Carry A Shopping List

Whether you are going for grocery shopping, clothes shopping, shoe shopping always have a set budget along with

A shopping list will help you to avoid impulse shopping and will save you time for looking around the shops as you already know what you need to shop for.

Carrying a shopping list will also help you to save money.

3. Delay Purchases

Practice delaying purchases whenever you can.

If you see something that you need before buying that item give yourself time, say about 24 hours before buying the item.

Doing this will help you to think about the purchase and ask yourself whether you really need the item.

Most of the time after the 24 hours you might notice that you actually don’t need that item anymore.

You can also create a which you can use to write down items that you wish to buy later.

4. Do Without.

Train yourself to do without that item you crave to shop.

5. Know What Causes You To Shop

There are a lot of reasons why people want to shop.

The next time you go for any kind of unplanned shopping monitor how you are feeling, are you bored, angry, depressed, stressed or sad.

Most of the time when you go shopping with a bad mood you will also shop in a bad way buying things you don’t need.

6. Choose Who You Go Shopping With Wisely

If you go shopping with someone who likes to shop a lot surely you will also shop just like that person.

Choosing the right person to go shopping with will help you to shop better.

If it helps you might want to ask someone to go shopping on your behalf if you don’t trust yourself to stick you your shopping list.

7. Recycle

The power of recycling is so great for you and it good for planet earth.

There are so many things you can recycle instead of buying new things from clothing, empty glass jars and towels.

Here are 10 Items To Recycle At Home

8. Borrow

Borrowing is a great way to save money take for example if you like to reads books and you buy every book you see you will spend a lot of money.

You could borrow some books from your local library instead of buying new books.

9. Repair

Not everyone has a gift of repairing things but there is no harm in trying.

For example, if a button fell off your £100 dress would you bin the dress or would you rather learn to fix the button back on the dress?

Sometimes its well-worth the time to repair things than buying new things.

10. Swapping

Swapping is another great alternative to shopping.

There are many sites you can use to swap items you don’t need anymore.

11. Giving Others

There is nothing more rewarding than giving others, find things that you don’t want instead of throwing them in the bin give it to friends, family and charities.

12. Start A Gratitude Journal

Keeping a gratitude journal will help you to find contentment in everything that you already have in your life.

You will be able to see things from different angles and appreciate your belongings.

Over to you?

How do you stop yourself from shopping?

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