12 Surprise Cash Earners On Ebay

7th September 2016
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eBay has grown popular over the years. It’s for everyone whether you are looking for a bargain or wanting to earn a bit of extra cash or even starting your own business.


People buy and sell from new things to old stuff be it clothing, toys, household gadgets, holidays or even houses.

eBay continues to grow and sellers continue to sell things. There is a high demand of sellers wanting to sell things but sometimes knowing what to sell can be hard.

This has pushed sellers to think outside the box and try out unusual or rather strange things to sell on ebay. Some of the things that have sold on eBay will even surprise you just as I was surprised.

Here are 12 things you never thought you could sell on eBay

1. Empty Baby Food Jars

These are usually sold as a bundle of 6 jars going upwards. If you have a baby and somewhere to store these empty baby food jars you might try selling them and earn a bit of extra cash instead of throwing them in the recycling bin.

2. Used Toilet Roll Tubes

They sell well as a bundle or job lot, buyers need them mostly for artwork, craft work and to make crackers.

3. Empty Perfume Boxes

Good brands of perfume empty boxes or packaging sell very well such as Chanel, Prada, Gucci just to mention a few brands.

4. Whisky Empty Box

If you have any whisky empty box laying around your house you could make a little profit on them.

5. iPhone Empty Box

Any iphone empty box will sell starting from the oldest to the latest.

6. Empty Perfume Bottles

Good brands of perfume bottles will sell.

7. Empty Jam Jars

Buyers will use these to make homemade candles and package for other goods such a canning jams and fruits.

8. Garden Rocks

If you have got a lot of garden rocks in your garden that you don’t need why to sell them on eBay.

9. Used Diet Magazine

People buy these diet magazines for a good amount one example of used diet magazine that sell well is Slimming world magazine.

10. Used Magazines

Any kind of magazines will sell the key lies in the way you list the item on eBay.

11. Used Uk Car Tax Disc

I was surprised to learn that people buy these used car tax disc. I think people buy these paper car tax disc for collection since it is now done online, no paper car tax disc were issued since 2014

12. Used Plastic Bags

Since the controversial 5p carrier bag scheme that was introduced in 2015 people have been buying even used plastic bags from Ebay.

So if you stocked up too many plastic bags before 5p carrier bag charge was introduced why not sell them on eBay.

Over to you…

What other surprising things have you seen or have you sold on eBay.

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