11 Extraordinary Benefits Of Gardening

12th July 2018
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Gardening regularly has many benefit to your general health, fitness and wellbeing.

Whether you have a small garden, an allotment, a flower garden or vegetable garden all of these are good for you if you regularly get your hands dirty.

Gardening is a good way to spend time with nature away from the busy world we live in.

gardening benefits

Here are 11 Benefits of Gardening

1. It Releases Stress

We are constantly having different thoughts such that at times we find it difficult to make our minds relax.

Gardening forces you to stop thinking about other things in your life and just concentrate on one gardening task such as digging or planting.

Being outside doing some gardening helps you to forget the problems that you might be facing in your life and it makes you relax.

It is also known that gardening has some therapeutical and healing power.

2. It Boosts Your Self Esteem

The joy of planting a seed and taking care of it up to the point of harvesting is quite lifting to the heart.

Gardening helps to boost your self-esteem as there is always that sense of achievement.

I really like how the self-esteem of any gardener builds up, you start at a low point with many fears and doubts but with determination and hard work your self-esteem finally builds up.

3. Learn About Being Patient

Gardening teaches to slow down you can’t sow a seed today and expect to harvest tomorrow.

When I started gardening at home I was so excited and wanted the whole family to be involved including the kids.

So I gave them seeds to sow in small seed planters, two days passed and my son kept asking when the seeds will pop out.

It tried to explain to him that it will take some time for the seeds to germinate and pop out of the soil.

3 days past still no sign of the seeds popping out from the soil my son had just had enough so took the matter to his hands and took a fork and dig out the seeds from the soil.

When I asked him why he had done this he said he was checking to see if the seeds were still there or someone had took them.

Gardening will teach you to be patient not only in the garden but with life also.

4. Learn To Accept Failing At Times

Not everything you plant will produce…

…Sometimes your seeds don’t germinate even in good soil,

…Sometimes your seeds are eaten by snails and slugs.

…Sometimes birds eat your plants such strawberries right in the harvest season.

…Sometimes butterflies come and lay their eggs on your cabbages and you end up with no harvest.

…Sometimes your plants grow so well but they don’t produce anything.

Gardening is a game of trial and error sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.

Learn to see good in every situation this might include accepting your gardening failures.

Failing is not actually a bad thing it makes you learn something.


6. Breathing Fresh Air

We are now known as the indoor generation because we have neglected nature and being outside.

Gardening forces you to go outside and enjoy the fresh air instead of breathing air inside your home full of chemical.

There is something about breathing fresh air that makes you relax.

7. Free Vitamin D

We get this vitamin from food but it is not enough to meet our daily requirement of this vitamin.

We also get a good amount of vitamin from the sun so why not get it for free whilst you are outside gardening.

8. Improves Fitness

Digging, raking, hoeing and weeding are some of the physical activity that you will do whilst you are gardening.

These will help you with your cardio fitness and building strength.

9. Helps To Reduce Screen Time

Televisions, smartphones, tablets and computer games are taking over in many households right across the world people are interacting less because of these gadgets.

Leaving many people addicted to the different screens which are now available.

Gardening regularly will help you reduce your screen time.

Gardening fosters social interaction with others whether you garden alone, with family and friends or in a community garden.

Gardening is also known for reducing the risk of depression and mental health problems.

10. Eating More Fresh Produce

Gardening is rewarding especially when it’s harvesting season when you get to enjoy all you have worked hard for.

11. Improves Coordination 

Activities such as planting, picking out weeds and watering with requires good coordination skills.

If you don’t have good coordination skills taking up gardening will help you to start improving your coordination skills.

Over to you…

Do you love gardening?

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