10 Tips To Manage Hay Fever

24th May 2018
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Do you suffer from hay fever?

Hay fever is an allergic  reaction to react to pollen in the air.

It’s worse to sufferers on days when the pollen count is high usually in the summer months.

I didn’t suffer from hayfever until my late twenties and during the first few years, I dread summer months.

I sneezed a lot.

I had a runny nose, itchy puffed eyes, headaches and felt tired all the time.

These hay fever symptoms made it difficult for me to enjoy summer.

Over the years the hay fever symptoms lowered I researched on ways of managing hay fever and started to implement them and I have seen a big change.

Of course, it not totally gone but I can manage the condition much better.

Here are 10 Tips To Manage Hay Fever


hay fever

1. Wear Wraparound Sunglasses

Wearing wraparound sunglasses is a great way of stopping pollen getting into your eyes.

There are many wraparound sunglasses around make sure you buy wraparound sunglasses which actually cover all side of your eyes.

2. Close Doors And Windows.

Pollen can easily enter your home through open doors and windows.

Make sure you close your windows and door especially on days when the pollen count is high.

3. Dust Regularly

Dusting your home regularly will help you to remove any pollen that might have settled on your furniture.

Use a semi-damp cloth instead of a dry one as it removes pollen much better.

4. Know Your Triggers

Hay fever has many triggers it’s important to know what triggers your hay fever.

Some of hay fever triggers include grass pollen, weed pollen, tree pollen, flower pollen fungi and mold spores.

Knowing your triggers will make you aware of the places to avoid for example if your trigger is grass pollen then its best to stay away from grass as much as you can during spring and summer.

5. Vaccum Regularly

Pollen can easily settle on floors especially carpeted floors vacuuming at least 2 to 3 time a week will help to reduce the amount of pollen that stays on your floors.

6. Listen To Weather Report

For any travel arrangements make sure you listen to the weather report so that you know the pollen count of the place you wish to visit.

Avoid travelling on days when pollen is high or you can travel at night when pollen in the air is at its low levels.

7. Avoid Drying Clothes Outside

Drying your clothes outside in the sunshine is a great idea as you can save money by not using a drying machine.

But to someone who has hay fever, drying clothes outside may exacerbate their symptoms of hay fever.

As you dry your clothes outside pollen will settle on them and the pollen will awaken your hay fever symptoms.

Consider using an indoor clothes dryer to dry your clothes.

8. Wash Your Face

Washing your face regularly during the day will help you to remove pollen on your face.

I usually wash my face more on high pollen days, especially if I have been outside.

9. Air Purifier

There are many air purifiers that are available that will help trap the pollen particles in your home.

This will help you to reduce your hay fever symptoms

10. Use A Barrier Cream

A barrier cream or vaseline will help to trap pollen that might get into your body through the nose.

Bonus Tips

Hayfever Tablets

Hayfever tablets also offer relief from hay fever symptoms but consult your doctor first before taking any tables.

Some tablets work on other people whilst on others they just don’t work.

If the tablets you have been prescribed are not working go back to your doctor and ask for different tablets.

Local  Honey

Taking local honey is also a great way to reduce your symptoms for hayfever.

By taking local honey you will be ingesting local pollen which will help your body to get used to the pollen and eventually your sensitivity to pollen will lessen.

Nettle Tea

Nettle tea has many health benefits and it can also help to ease down hay fever symptoms.

I usually like to drink it in the morning and at night and it certainly helps me.

Following one or more tips in this article will help you to beat your hay fever symptoms.

Don’t let hayfever stop you from enjoying the sunshine whilst it lasts.

Over to you…

How do you manage  your hay fever symptoms?

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