10 Simple Ways To Keep Your Towels Soft And Fluffy

2nd January 2018
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Everyone loves softness and fluffiness of a new towels, especially after a hot bath or shower.

Unfortunately after long use and bad towel care that softness and fluffiness will no longer be felt.

It important to know how to care for your towels so that they don’t become rough after long use.

how to keep towels soft

Here are some 10 tips that will keep your towels soft and fluffy even after years of use.

1. Avoid Washing Towels In Detergent.

Washing towels in laundry detergent cause the build-up of residue on towels.

After some time towels will lose their softness.

Try to cut down on the amount of laundry detergent you use.

2. Use Bicarbonate of Soda or Soda Crystals.

Instead of washing towels in laundry detergent use bicarbonate of soda or soda crystal.

Any of these two will work wonders on softening your towels.

If you live in a hard water are, your water will contribute to the hardness of your towels.

Bicarbonate soda or soda crystal will help to soften your water.

3. Use Viniger Instead Of Fabric Conditioner.

Rinsing your towels with white vinegar will soffen your towels and will remove any bad smells.

It will also help to clean your washing machine eliminating any limescale buld-up.

4. Use Hot Water.

Try washing your towels on the highest temperature setting on your washing machine this will help to loosen and dirty and will help you towels stay soft.

5. Avoid Over Filling your Washing Machine With Towels

Overfilling your washing machine with towels will make it difficult for your towels to get clean.

Make sure there is enough room for your towels to move around in the washing machine.

6. Choose Quality And Not Quantity When Buying Towels

It better to have two great towels that to have six rubbish towels that you don’t enjoy using.

When buying for towels look for the best towels you can afford and buy those ones.

Choose quality over quantity.

7. Never Dry Towels On A Radiator

Drying towels or clothes on radiators is not only bad for your health or your heating bill but it’s  over dries your towels making them awful hard to touch.

It best to air dry your towels or to tumble dry them.

8. Use Tumble Dryer Balls.

When drying your towels use tumble dryer balls to retain the softness and the fluffiness.

These will loosen the fibres of your towels.

9. Give Towels Extra Rinse

Giving your towels an extra rinse each time you wash them will help remove any residue build up on the towels.

10. Store Towels Loosely.

After washing your towels make sure you are storing them in a good way.

Make sure before storing your towels they are completely dry to prevent any bad odours and mould.

Fold or roll them loosely and don’t overfill the space you are storing them, they need some breathing space.

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