10 Reasons Why You Must Drink Smoothies

16th June 2016
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Smoothies provide many vitamins and nutrients for the body, they offer you a  great way to stay healthy.

I enjoy making smoothies especially now that the summer months are here.

Don’t get me wrong here I still have smoothies in the midst of winter as well but I tend to drink more of them in summer.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be sharing some of my favourite delicious healthy smoothies recipes with you here.

I will share with you smoothie recipe every Thursday starting from next week.

But before that, I would like to share with you some of the benefits of drinking smoothies



Why You Must Drink Smoothies

1. Smoothies Improved Digestion

Drinking smoothies will help you to digest food as fruits and vegetables have more fibre.

If you suffer from having constipation or indigestion this could help you.

2. Better Skin, Hair And Nails

Smoothies are full of vitamins and minerals which are needed to ensure the body cells functions properly.

Drinking smoothies will make your skin glow your nails and hair will become stronger and will grow well.

3. Great For Kids

If you are a mom like me then you know how difficult it can be for kids to eat fruits and vegetables.

My kids are fussy when it comes to fruits and vegetable.

However, they enjoy smoothies this gives me the opportunity to sneak in some the fruits they don’t like having in the smoothies without them noticing.

4. Energy

When I Drink Smoothies I feel more energetic.

Smoothies supply your body with fuel for more energy which you use.

5. Weight Loss

Fruits have fewer calories, therefore, they are a perfect candidate for weight loss.

If you are trying to achieve a healthy goal for weight loss smoothies could help you achieve this.

They reduce cravings for other food because they fill you up easily.

6. Easy And Quick To Make.

Smoothies are easy and quicker to make. The only kitchen tools  that you will need are a good kitchen knife, blender and a chopping board.

7. Improved  Your Immune System

Drinking smoothies will help to improve your immune system.

Smoothies have vitamins and minerals which helps when you have a cold or flu, you will heal faster.

8. Easy To Reach 5 A Day

We all know the importance of eating our 5 a day, but at times it might be hard to take count of how many fruits and vegetable we have eaten in a day.

Smoothies make it easy to reach your 5 a day as you can easily mix different fruits and vegetable variety.

9. Promote Healthy Eating Habit

If you are setting yourself healthy eating goals you might want to included making smoothies as part of your goals.

Drinking smoothies promote healthy eating habits.

10. Good For Your Heart

Eating vegetables and fruits in smoothies  may reduce your risk of developing heart disease, including heart attack, stroke and high blood pressure

Over to you…

Do you make smoothies? What kind of smoothies do you make?

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