10 Reason Why Glass Food Containers Are Better Than Plastic

25th October 2017
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I love to keep empty food containers in my kitchen. They are handy when it comes to meal preparation and storing leftovers.

I used to have a large collection of plastic food container in my kitchen until recently when I swapped them for glass containers.

I decided to ditch plastic containers for glass because of the health risk associated with using plastic containers.

glass food containers

Here is why glass containers are better than plastic containers.

1. Easy To Clean

Glass food containers are easy to clean they don’t stain from food unlike plastic food containers, which are difficult to clean and will stain easily.

2. Easy To Store

When you have plastic food container it’s easy to accumulate a lot of them in different shapes and sizes because they are inexpensive.

However storing them can be a bit of a challenge.

Whereas with glass container it’s difficult to accumulate more than you need as they are a bit expensive.

3. Food Taste

Food kept in plastic containers will change its taste especially after heating food in the microwave.

When heating food in plastic containers chemicals in the plastic will sip into your food changing the taste of food.

Food heated in glass containers will not change taste as glass doesn’t release chemicals when heated.

4. Glass Last Longer.

Glass containers cost a bit more than plastic containers but they last a long time than plastic containers.

5. Glass Has No Odour After Use

With regular use, plastic food containers will start to smell whereas glass food containers will not have any smell even after years and years of usage.

6. Glass Is More Attractive

Plastic containers look dull and boring as compared to glass food container which are appealing and more pleasing to the eye.

7. Glass Is more Versatile

Glass food containers are versatile they can be used to transfer food from the freezer to the oven and straight to the dining table.

4 Ways to Save Money On Glass Food Containers

1. Buy sets of glass food containers instead of a single container.It’s usually less expensive to buy glass food containers in sets than buying one at a time.

2. Buy in sales as the price is much better.

3. Recycle glass food containers that you have the house than buying new ones. For example, you can use your used jam jars to store your salad instead of buying new glass food containers.

4. Buy only what you need, know the total quantity of food glass containers that you require for your home so that, you don’t waste money buying containers you will not use.

Over to you…

What do you do with your leftover food?

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