A Guide On How To Grow Artichokes In Pots

Did you know that artichokes are edible vegetables? The edible part of this plant is the flower. It consists of different parts, thick stem which features elongated leaves that are green-greyish in colour and a flower bud. If you do not have a gardern you can still sucessfully grow aritichokes in pots or containers. The… Read More »

8 Tips To Update Your Kitchen On A Budget

The kitchen is the heart of your home, but when your kitchen feels outdated, it is hard to enjoy that space. Cooking and cleaning becomes a chore. Kitchen remodeling can be very expensive, but it is not impossible if you are smart with your budgeting. Here are some tips on how to refresh your kitchen… Read More »

How To Reduce Sugar In Your Diet Faster

Sugar can cause a lot of health problems such as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and heart disease.   In children, too much sugar will cause tooth decay and weakening of the immune system. Here are ways to reduce sugar in your diet. 1. Look For Sugar-Free Or Reduced Sugar Products. Be smart when doing… Read More »

20 Time Management Tips For Busy Parents

I think you will agree with me that it’s a constant struggle to manage time when you are a parent with young children. Keeping up appointments, school run, meal planning and managing all the house making chores are some of the daily tasks that each parents has to keep up, on top of their job.… Read More »

July 2017 House Savings Update

“Reward yourself with small, guilt-free pleasures, a pedicure a facial or a day out at the beach. Soon  your hard work will lead to even greater rewards.” D Austin. It’s that time of the month again when we share our house savings update. We are so delighted that this month we have reached the £20… Read More »

Healthy Food Swaps: Whole-Grain Pasta Verse Regular Pasta

I am on a journey of healthy eating. Each month I will be sharing with you foods I will be swapping from my current diet. Paste is a must in our family weekly menu. Pasta is easy to make and its an inexpensive carbohydrate to fill up an empty stomach. Regular paste is mainly the… Read More »

How To Buy School Uniform On A Tight Budget

The average cost of school uniform for a child at secondary school is £316, for a child at primary school, it’s £251 according to Independent UK. The cost of school uniform can be expensive for parents especially those with children starting primary or secondary school. Here are some tips for buying school uniform on a… Read More »

Family Day Out At Wollaton Hall and Deer Park

Do you enjoy family days out? A few weeks a go we visited Wollaton Hall and Deer Park which is located in Nottingham. Wollaton Hall building was built in 1588. It’s run by Nottingham City Council but it used to be owned by a family. It’s famous for screening some scenes in Batman: The Dark… Read More »

5 Tips To Find Useful Tutors For Your Child’s Education

If you discovered that your child has some skills, or has difficulty understanding on any subject, then for sure you’d to want to help him. But you do not have the time –or the patience –to guide him. Then, finding the right tutor can be the best solution. With a helpful tutor, you can enhance… Read More »

Stolen By Susan Lewis Novel Review

Here are is a book review of Stolen By Susan Lewis About The Author The author of the novel Stolen is Susan Lewis. She is a British author, she has written over 30 best selling novels. Story Line Of The Novel This novel tells an emotional story about Lucy Winters who had loving parents, but… Read More »